Can Your Business Be Too Blog Focused?


Can your business be too blog focused? An article on Forbes said that one of the biggest mistakes in creating a website for a business, is being too blog focused. I don’t fully agree with this point on several levels and while there are 5 mistakes listed, I’m sticking to this particular topic. In fact, […]

Confessions Of A Dyslexic Blogger


Dear Bloggers: I’m dyslexic. Some people know it and others don’t. It’s one of the reasons why I’m tough on people who choose blogging or writing as a career, or a means to elevate themselves to a leadership position. I don’t expect perfection, but I do expect some care in writing. There are so many […]

The Art of Blogging: Time Does Equal Money


If any blogger is telling you that it costs no money to start a blog and actually earn money, they need a reality check. In fact, if you’re reading this article and you’ve read articles like it, it’s good that stumbled upon this one. “It takes money to earn money.” I don’t know who originally […]

Graphic: Be Prepared For A Long Journey Toward Success


The biggest mistake a business owner can make it believing in getting rich quick. It doesn’t last for long, so its not enough to sustain. The best thing is to think about building a business and mapping it out enough to include room for error, because mistakes and failure will happen along the way. The […] Podcast – 2013 Mini Episode 3


Podcast Mini Episode 3 is all about blogger Love and the benefit of linking to other bloggers in your articles. I cover some of the benefits and a couple good examples to capitalize on this method. I’d like your feedback on whether you link to other bloggers or only to larger online resources? If only […]

The Responsibility Of The Blogger Who Tweets


I have been blogging for many years. I believe this year will conclude as my 7th year blogging on Believe me, it has changed quite a bit. More tools have changed to be more community oriented as the content pulls in people who want to continue on the topics through whatever comment system has […]

The Art of Blogging: Do Not Be Afraid To Leave Comments


For bloggers, it really can be a thrill to receive comments. However, there are people who go out of their way to become “comment whores.” A comment whore is one who is only out to gain comments and really does not contribute to the comment stream of their own site or others in a way […]

The Art of Blogging: Write Without Being A Megalomaniac


Yes, another blog in The Art of Blogging series. This covers the subject that I see quite frequently when I visit and read other blogs. It is when the blogger says that nobody or everybody is doing something. For example: “Nobody likes that girl. Everybody thinks that we are fun.” These are both false statements. […]