BuddyPress goes 1.1!

Andy Peatling, announced BuddyPress 1.1 Released on September 30, 2009. There were a few updated to the core and now the social network platform offers: One click internal bbPress forum integration global forum directory Easier theme integration More freedom for administrators to control their site Allow plug developers to hook their BuddyPress installation into outside […]

BuddyPress For Dummies: Lisa Makes It Official

If you have not visited Lisa Sabin-Wilson’s blog yet, well, you should. For those not aware of her and use WordPress, she is the one who wrote WordPress for Dummies. I recommend it and have it. In fact, the copy I have is the second one and I admitted to Lisa via Twitter that a […]

BuddyPress Is Finally 1.0

With social media being big, WordPress MU, which allows users to install mutiple WordPress and connect with other bloggers has finally developed even more into Buddypress. Months ago, I plugged BuddyPress as I thought it was great. It is a great alternative for those tired of Facebook and MySpace or Ning, but with those who […]