Your Reputation Can Change in 140 Characters or Less


If you are the person behind building your brand online, what you say can have a huge impact. Your reputation can literally change in 140 characters or less! Every day someone says the wrong thing and literally that person gets unfollowed, or even harassed. Perez Hilton was a prime example when he bashed Michael Jackson […]

Beware of Fiverr Scammers


I have been using Fiverr for a few things and decided to try out some services out there to promote some of my business dealings. For the most part, I have had some great results. Then, the following happened: I saw what seemed like a good opportunity. So, I signed up. It seemed honest and […]

TechCrunch Opens Mouth And Inserts Foot About DeviantART

Recently I read an article on TechCrunch called The 100 Millionth Deviation on DeviantART Is A Gay Sex Story, But I’m Going To Show You This Arctic Unicorn Instead. I would not tell them to retract their article, but I will say it was the dumbest thing next up to the other sites they have […]

Facebook Feed Changes, Eliciting Negative Feedback

Recently Facebook rolled out their new feeds, yep, feeds as in more than 1. One is the Live Feed which is somewhat like the old stream except you are informed of your friends following others and what they became a friend of. The other is the News Feed that publishes popular posts, at least for […]

Social Media: Coping With Negative Responses

Recently Best Buy had one heck of a run in with a negative crowd in their Best Buy Facebook community after posting the following question: What do you think about offering in Spanish? Maggie McGary writes the article Best Buy Asks The Wrong Question On Facebook on Social Media Today and asks basically why […]