Freelancing: When Consultations Might Cost


Consultations with clients can get pretty in depth and take some time. Some of the process is for the client to get information to see if they would be comfortable enough to work with you as their freelancer. Other consults may be asking for advice. Your time is valuable, even when consulting. Normal consultations that […]

Freelancing: Why A Revision Limit Is Necessary


Whether you won a project in a freelancer website or acquired a project in person or through social networking online, it takes time to get a project done and communication between the service provider and the client. It is the communication that is important and one of the largest failures that can happen during a […]

How Sure Can A Freelancer Be Paid?


The title paraphrases what I was asked by another freelancer to touch base on my blog. How sure can a freelancer be paid when they accept jobs? The majority of my friends who are freelancers have adopted a 50/50 policy. Fifty percent of the project amount is paid at the beginning to secure the fact […]

A Freelancer’s Policy – Protect Yourself


Freelancing is something that has its own risks. Like any business, you are dealing with all sorts of clients. Those who are new to the game may not have a set policy, but they should. Whether you are new to freelancing for writing or even web design, here are some ideas to include into your […]

So You Want To Hire A Freelancer

There are a lot of freelancers available online or in your local community. However, no matter how many there are, it can be difficult to choose the right one. The problem I see a lot in freelance project bidding sites are people unwilling to properly invest in their projects. They have ridiculous expectations. Here are […]

Freelancing and Time Management

Working on your own, you may or may not have come to know the word ‘procrastination.’ It could be from social networking, games, phone calls, family, or any other activities. Of course, you should never sacrifice any of those completely, but you should try to be more focused. Here are some ways you can manage […]

Freelancing: Ask The Right Questions From the Beginning

When first contacting a client to start a new project, it is essential to have a few questions in mind in order to get things rolling smoothly. A breakdown in communication is a sure way to lose a client and possible chance of being referred to others – in other words, for a web designer, […]