Ask Nile: How Do You Feel About SEO Plugins for WordPress?


I thought it was strange to come across this question from a reader, but I’ll answer it. They asked, “How do you feel about SEO plugins for WordPress?” The fact that I’ve worked in the past for Yoast, who created the Yoast SEO plugin, which is used by millions of websites around the world, has […]

Ask Nile: Are Tags Necessary?


In this Ask Nile Series question, I tackle: Are Tags Necessary? Please note that while I may mention WordPress, the concept of tags can be applied to most content management systems and blog platforms. People often confuse tags and keywords. They are different. Now, you can have the same term for a keyword and a […]

Does Spelling and Grammar Matter In SEO?

Vintage banner.Background chalkboard.

Does spelling and grammar matter in SEO? Yes, it does matter. Even though blogging isn’t something that has to be perfect, being understood is extremely important. Every blogger brings to the table their own blog voice, and that includes their own style of writing. This is influenced by the blogger’s past education and the individual’s […]

Graphic: SEO Is Not A Game


I’ve said that SEO is not a same, many times. It really isn’t. If you know how to write unique and quality content, and engage with your readers, you’re definitely heading in the right direction. A lot of people like to whine about why their website has either dropped in traffic or has dropped from […]

Google Rolls Out Hummingbird


Back on September 26, 2013, Google officially rolled out their new algorithm update called Hummingbird. However, they had rolled it out quietly about a month ago. The biggest of the update included with Hummingbird Google to handle long questions better further improving Knowledge Graph. Another update was for more advanced voice queries, which is great […]

Why A Website Review is Important


Website reviews are not like reviews you do on Yelp or in some newspaper column. A website review is an in-depth audit, and involves pouring over the website’s design, its content, the stats, and the strategies that the website owner is currently using to promote their site. A website review is important because it allows […] Podcast – 2013 Mini Episode 3


Podcast Mini Episode 3 is all about blogger Love and the benefit of linking to other bloggers in your articles. I cover some of the benefits and a couple good examples to capitalize on this method. I’d like your feedback on whether you link to other bloggers or only to larger online resources? If only […]

The Ultimate Checklist to Setting Up a New WordPress Blog


Blogging has evolved over the years to becoming a cultural thing. Each blog represents the voice of someone passionate (at least I hope that each blogger is passionate about what they do) about what they like to write about. However, it is no longer just open up a new blog and write away. There are […]