SEO 101: Are You Writing For Humans?


I have seen the most illogical keywords that people come up with, and mainly because they are trying to put in everything they can think of that hopefully ranks their site higher in the search engines. This is pure folly to do as it is over-optimizing. Another thing is actually search engine optimizing with keywords […]

What Is Your Blog’s Pitch?


If you have a blog, you are pitching. How often have you heard that (even at conferences)? It is a very true statement. When you put up a website, you are most likely not hording it all to your lonesome. You are telling people about it. Some of you might not understand this and be […]

SEO: Your Article And Keyword Density


I have heard quite a few people ask about keyword density. It spurs from either not exactly understanding the term or how they can apply the concept to their site. However, what does that mean for you and what you want to write about? According to Wikipedia: Keyword density is the percentage of times a […]

The DoFollow List At


Alright, so after some inspiration and needing to revamp my link exchange buddies, I wanted to put together a dofollow list here at Since it is new, pretty much there are no links. The problem with regular link exchanges is that you end up linking with people who may not have relevance to your […]

Are You Up-to-Date With SEO?


I probably should not be shocked, but as more and more people are becoming more confident about having their own sites, as a web designer and developer, the questions the things they say are a bit alarming. I fear they are not getting the information they need. Often I refer them to Joost de Valk’s […]

Comments Are Important!


I respect Michael Gray, but I cannot agree with his post Why Everyone Should Turn Off Blog Comments. Now, I do keep my post dates and it is a choice. I do not put it in my permalinks. Google will still index your site and tell when your post has been last updated. Yes, you […]