Comments Are Important!


I respect Michael Gray, but I cannot agree with his post Why Everyone Should Turn Off Blog Comments. Now, I do keep my post dates and it is a choice. I do not put it in my permalinks. Google will still index your site and tell when your post has been last updated. Yes, you […]

5 Ways to Help Give Your Site A Better Focus


I was laughing lately about the title in the article that Dan Keller writes, called Does your blog suffer from ADHD?. However, as much as it was a funny title, the article shares a serious issue. Before I go into sharing some ways to help give your site a better focus, I thought I would […]

Using Local SEO To Get Targeted Traffic


[This is a guest post by Eugene. Eugene is a recent college grad, an avid blogger, and a SEO specialist with Net LZ. Eugene manages a variety of blogs and SEO campaigns, with a focus on web 2.0. In addition to professional interests, he is an avid reader and takes much interest in history, politics […]

7 Things To Think About When Applying SEO To Your Blog


The views on search engine optimization (SEO) has been one of the things that has changed in the past few years. A lot of bloggers sit down, type a post, and publish it without even applying any keywords. In fact, there are some that even apply SEO without even knowing it. However, it is usually […]

Are You Tagging Properly?


It has become alarming to see some great sites tagging excessively, so I thought I would cover this issue without pinpointing anyone in particular. It is important to not put so many tags in your posts. Like keywords, the density should be low. For sites that contain a lot of posts that talk about the […]

Guest Post: Applying SEO To The Title Tag

[This is a guest post by Philip Golobish. Philip Golobish is a professional SEO consultant for Slingshot SEO, an Indianapolis, Indiana. When he’s not sweet talking Googlebot, Phil can be found headbanging at the local music show.] According to a 2009 SEOmoz poll of SEO professionals, “keyword use anywhere in the title tag,” is one […]

Canonicalization in Your WordPress Blog

As Wikipedia defines canonicalization, especially for search engines and search engine optimization (SEO): In web search and search engine optimization (SEO), URL canonicalization deals with web content that has more than one possible URL. Having multiple URLs for the same web content can cause problems for search engines – specifically in determining which URL should […]