Social Bookmarking and Its Importance


Before reading the rest of this entry, please try my poll as it relates somewhat to the blog: Social bookmarking is defined as: Social bookmarking is a method for Internet users to store, organize, search, and manage bookmarks of web pages on the Internet with the help of metadata. taken from Wikipedia The idea of […]

The Art of Blogging Series


I have decided to do a little series called The Art of Blogging. This is series of articles on what I have noticed in trends over the past decade on blogging and engagement whether through blog tools (plug-ins) or online resources. As I said, the articles will over mainly my experience, but I hope to […]

The Art of Blogging: What is Your Site’s Focus?


Your blog is usually something you write that comes from your experience and interests. Blogs can be written to any number of subjects from medical to sports, and even art to technology. There is always a rumor that a blog with a wide variety of subjects is not worth the time to read. This is […]

Pingbacks And Trackbacks: Using Them Successfully


A lot of times when I go to my WordPress administrator panel, I look at the trackbacks. Sometimes it may be someone referenced a post in twitter, or another person’s blog. According to Wikipedia, A trackback is one of three types of linkbacks, methods for Web authors to request notification when somebody links to one […]

The Death of Uninformed Shopping


I love polls, but not every poll taken is going to exactly reflect the whole of a target audience. Every opinion has its nook and cranny to observe. TechCrunch wrote on The Death Of The Impulse Shopper saying that more shoppers are prepared when shopping these days due to technology allowing the consumer to find […]

Klout’s New Algorithm Not A Winner With Fans


Klout, an Izea property that measures how much reach and influence a person has over several social network platforms recently rolled out a new algorithm. Along with this, an influx of angry users due to their major drops in their Klout scores. According to Klout, they score individuals based on three areas: True Reach, Amplification, […]

Why Are You Still Using Blogger?


I know, I know – I love WordPress enough that I am really hardcore about persuading people to using self-hosting, especially for those investing in a domain and hosting. I even recommend it for the free hosting on I want to ask those using Blogger – why are you still using it? Once […]