What Happens When A Web Developer Is Underappreciated

Recently I came up with a dilemma with my own scripts PHPads and PHPurl. Because they have been so popular, and I have been hosting the zip files on my own server, it has been eating up my bandwidth. Believe me this year, the downloads for both have skyrocketed compared to last year. Link promotion […]

Using Social Media & Support Systems

The two things in the title of this post might be a bit vague, but really you can use social media marketing as a support system. While there are people out there willing to teach these methods in exchange for money, your time, and an open ear, there are many more online more than willing […]

2009 And Social Media

Social Media – it was a word that popped up in the mainstream and blew everyone away by storm. Well, at least those who were not as computer savvy nor marketing savvy. We learned Social Media and Social Networking were not the same, where social media was a technique to market yourself or your company […]

2009 Status Updates for PHPads and PHPurl

I am pleased to know that since the release of both of these scripts, that they have done well in the community since introducing them in January 2009. PHPurl, my free PHP URL shortening script has been downloaded over 1737 times. Before I reset the demo site, Re-URL.me, the site had been used more than […]

List of Free FTP Clients

In the past decade, there has been an increasing number of FTP clients available for free or purchase. For those who do not know was FTP is, it stands for File Transfer Protocol. It allows you to upload and image to another server from your computer. Of course, a lot of the paid FTP programs […]

Blogging 101: A Blogger Rights

I had been noticing some of the things streaming around twitter involving suing for tweeting something and such. In fact Chris Voss (on Twitter) has a video blog called Rude Tweets or Blogging Can Get You Sued – Video. The New York Times covered the fact that Courtney Love had been sued for saying defamatory […]