Freelance No-No: Web Design In Exchange For Exposure


A lot of newbies in freelancing ask me all sorts of questions about what it takes to freelance and even how much should they charge. I have even had scenarios tossed at me, like if it was okay to design a site to get exposure. That sparked an idea for a blog post, because I […]

Basic HTML Tutorial – What is HTML?


HTML is a short acronym for HyperText Markup Language. The language consists of tags surrounded by angle brackets and can effect the way a person sees a website. It can be used in scripting languages like cgi, php, and javascript to person any number of actions. Example of a tag: <head>. A basic page consists […]

5 Ways Your Site’s Design Can Pop


Design is not that hard for some, but others, it might not be as great. Designing a website should convey its own type of message to your visitors that enhance what content is already available on your website. Design elements that are strategically made to attract your visitors to certain places are certainly things you […]

Is Your Web Designer Really An Outsourcing Project Manager?


There are so many freelancers out there, and there are people who get jobs and outsource them, claiming the credit of the designers they hire. These people are known as project managers, or depending on how they conduct business, they might even be considered con artists. Being a project manager is okay. For myself, I […]

Is Designing Your Own Site Hurting It?


When you decided to start a website, you may have looked into what it took to put one together. It may have become intimidating and you did not know what to do. A lot of business owners face this. Not every person out there is naturally gifted with creativity, nor has the patience to learn […]

Freelancing: Why A Revision Limit Is Necessary


Whether you won a project in a freelancer website or acquired a project in person or through social networking online, it takes time to get a project done and communication between the service provider and the client. It is the communication that is important and one of the largest failures that can happen during a […]