How to Use LinkedIn To Bring In Traffic To Your Site


LinkedIn is a great tool in itself that has become a way for professionals to connect. You can use it to reel in traffic. In a way, LinkedIn has become a social network for mature users, rather than convoluted with game apps and other things like Facebook and MySpace. By the way, I do love […]

Klout’s New Algorithm Not A Winner With Fans


Klout, an Izea property that measures how much reach and influence a person has over several social network platforms recently rolled out a new algorithm. Along with this, an influx of angry users due to their major drops in their Klout scores. According to Klout, they score individuals based on three areas: True Reach, Amplification, […]

Review: Pixlr – Free Online Image Editor


I am always looking for different tools out there for bloggers who have at least a minimal knowledge of putting together simple graphics. I stumbled upon Pixlr, which is a free online image editor. Now, the site looks promising at a first glance and has an editor that you can use without having an account. […]

How To Build Links Effectively Using Squidoo


Link building is the most important part to make any online marketing campaign effective. It is imperative to know how to formulate and also to execute the link building because, page rankings with popular search engines and traffic to the website are influenced by the quality of the incoming link. Many consider that link building […]

Facebook Rolls Out Fan Page Upgrades


Facebook has yet another update for Facebook fanpages. Not sure if this is a flop as I have not seen much on bad things with the update, but that is because I am still playing around with the the new features. I am glad that with this update Facebook was courteous enough to put together […]

5 Ways Your Site’s Design Can Pop


Design is not that hard for some, but others, it might not be as great. Designing a website should convey its own type of message to your visitors that enhance what content is already available on your website. Design elements that are strategically made to attract your visitors to certain places are certainly things you […]