How To Analyze Your Site Stats


There are so many ways you can monitor your site. Google Analytics, Quantcast, Woopra, and much more. But with all these bars, graphs, and numbers – what do they mean? This article will discuss how you can analyze your site stats. The Terms Visits – This is pretty much self-explanatory. Average Time on Site – […]

MailChimp: A User’s Experience


MailChimp is the only e-mail marketing service I have used. Not only is the design user friendly, but so are the features. Site Design The tabs and set-up make navigating very user-friendly. Generally speaking, you can get to a feature in two clicks or less. List Management Their service is free for e-mail lists of […]

Does Alexa Rank Really Matter?


Some would argue that it is not worth it and is only a system to track traffic. In fact a lot of the traffic they track usually depends on whether or not your visitor installed the Alexa tool bar. So how does Alexa put together a number for each site? According to Alexa’s FAQ How […]

DeviantART Rolls Out New Features

DeviantART has been extremely busy these past few months. Today they rolled out a new feature and launched another to the public from beta mode. Oh, and I there were some noticed a few design tweaks to the color of the message inbox system too! The one huge feature that was rolled out was “Stacks.” […] – Bringing Back Inspiration To Blog

Lately I have been falling into a wealth of discovering or being told about new websites that help bloggers. I am usually not one to blog back-to-back about websites, but hey… it is a useful site and could prove to be helpful. is a site that allows people to submit their post and allow […]

Mashable To Sell To AOL?

Oh goodness… please let this not be true. If Yahoo! can kill great sites efficiently without a reason, AOL can do it just as well. I was reading an article on Inventorspot called Is “Mashable” Cashable? and I was angry – like angry I wanted to beat someone. I do not care if Pete Cashmore […]

Usernames And Social Network Policies

According to TechCrunch’s recent article Facebook Snatches User’s Vanity URL And Sells It To Harman International, it is a prime example that your username is not totally yours. Lucky for the guy Harman Bajwa, that with TechCrunch’s help and enough responses, they released the vanity URL back to him. This is just one incident out […]

Share Your Location With Others With Gowalla

I saw through my Twitter stream someone using Gowalla, and was curious to what it was all about. Gowalla (@gowalla on Twitter) is a site made for people to share where they are in the world. Might sound a bit like telling too much or a way for people to become a bit stalker-ish, but […]