New Facebook Group For WordPress Users – All About WordPress


I get tons of questions on a daily basis on Facebook regarding WordPress. Of course, there are a lot of groups on Facebook that are WordPress-related, but frankly, a lot of questions fall through the cracks, and some of the people I have run into just really have little knowledge about anything. I am no […]

Podcast Presentation: PSD to WordPress


I love to work with WordCamp organizers to fill in the topics that their community wants to hear. I was asked to do a 2 session presentation on PSD to WordPress at WordCamp Columbus 2012. I was honored to be invited back for a second year in a row to speak at their conference. This […]

Graphic: WordPress Trademark


For many, WordPress is a well known brand. It is what powers this blog and millions of others over the world. However, are you aware of how WordPress should be written? This little mistake could even prevent you from becoming an employee with WordPress! So, respect their trademark. If you have questions, you can always […]

Podcast Presentation: WordPress for Business


I originally presented WordPress for Business at the March 2012 Southern Illinois Social Media Club meeting. I am honor to have been invited to present. The issue with WordPress for Business is that a lot of business owners are either confused, or have the concept of social networking and having a website backwards. I hope […]

Presentation: Avoiding Bloggers Block


Avoiding Bloggers Block is a presentation I did at WordCamp Atlanta 2012 to address issues that bloggers of any niche may encounter when trying to fuel their block with more content. I have embedded the presentation in a couple formats: the powerpoint and a podcast. I talk a lot about blogging and content generation, but […]

WordPress Pages Versus Posts, Which to Choose


So you have content, but you are not sure you want to go with pages or posts. Well, it really is not that difficult. A lot of people put together a site completely in posts without few pages. Or they make a page and enable comments, depending if their theme has that coded into the […]

How to Display A User Welcome Message In WordPress


Whether you just like to put up a personal greeting or have a site that has quite a few users, something a welcome message is nice. I have seen a few people put this together and have a centralized paged where users can log in, read the personal message, and then go on their merry […]