Podcast Presentation: Intro to WordPress Theme Development- Tweaking Your Theme

I originally presented Tweaking Your Theme at WordCamp Louisville. I originally intended it to be more of an introduction as it was not to delve deep into code and was just a start. I hope some of the tips and information help you if you are newer to WordPress theme development.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask via the comments on this or even on Slideshare. If you are on Slideshare, I recommend that you follow me on Slideshare as well as I deliver a different presentation at each of the WordCamps I speak at.

The PowerPoint Presentation

The Podcast Presentation


Podcast Presentation: WordPress for Business

I originally presented WordPress for Business at the March 2012 Southern Illinois Social Media Club meeting. I am honor to have been invited to present.

The issue with WordPress for Business is that a lot of business owners are either confused, or have the concept of social networking and having a website backwards. I hope that I cover some basics for Businesses in understanding what WordPress can do for them, and some tips to help them on their way.

WordPress for Business: The PowerPoint Presentation

WordPress for Business: The Podcast Presentation



Presentation: Avoiding Bloggers Block

Avoiding Bloggers Block is a presentation I did at WordCamp Atlanta 2012 to address issues that bloggers of any niche may encounter when trying to fuel their block with more content.

I have embedded the presentation in a couple formats: the powerpoint and a podcast. I talk a lot about blogging and content generation, but I keep getting asked by clients – “What do I write about on my blog?”

I hope that this helps you and if you still have questions, feel free to ask.

Avoiding Bloggers Block – The Powerpoint Presentation

Avoiding Bloggers Block- The Podcast Presentation


WordPress Pages Versus Posts, Which to Choose

So you have content, but you are not sure you want to go with pages or posts. Well, it really is not that difficult. A lot of people put together a site completely in posts without few pages. Or they make a page and enable comments, depending if their theme has that coded into the page template.

Even you can customize individual pages, since WordPress 3.0, you can customize individual posts. You also have the ability to adjust your menu from your WordPress admin panel to whatever you like if you have the wp_nav_menu php call into the theme itself.

Posts are normally considered an area of your website that will be updated frequently, while pages are more considered to be static. The difference- while both pages and posts are included in a sitemap (if you have a sitemap plugin installed… and you should), only posts are included in your RSS feeds (RSS- really simple syndication.) With the RSS, you can feed it into social network aggregation tools that will publish your posts to your social network handles.

However, you have to ask yourself – do you want comments on a page you will rarely update? What type of content are you putting up and how much of it? Remember for those internet marketers who like to use landing pages, enabling comments on a squeeze page might not be ideal.

If you like to put up mass quantities of items, for example, pixel images where you have a lot of images, you may want to use a page. Or you could release a few at a time in posts.

This is really something you have to decide on how you want to organize your site. If you make a page, you will have to announce the page somehow, especially if you want to drive attention to it.

Navigation is a big part to most sites. It is often the source of a visitor’s problem if your site is confusing to go from one area to the next, and back again with ease. Both posts and pages allow you to implement elements like breadcrumb navigation (a navigation you put at the top that tells you the path from that page you are on, and gives you a way to go back to the home page), links for next and previous post, navigation with numeral navigation (instead of older or newer post links), WP 3.0+ navigation menus, subpage navigation (you can have whole sections as a parent page and then children pages related to that section) and more.

It boils down how you want to organize your site. In fact, your sites organization has pull on your SEO. If search engines see that you have sections of your site that are grouped, they will list those under you
I usually put posts for what I am going to talk about and pages for things I may not update a lot.

Here is a good example of what I was talking about:

How have you organized your site by using pages and posts in WordPress?

How to Display A User Welcome Message In WordPress

Whether you just like to put up a personal greeting or have a site that has quite a few users, something a welcome message is nice. I have seen a few people put this together and have a centralized paged where users can log in, read the personal message, and then go on their merry way using the website.

The code is really simple. This code calls the current user. If you want to only let people like contributors or other roles see the message, you have to adjust the level_0 to any of the levels corresponding with the roles. (Example: administrator is 10).

Please note that you need to be careful on what you greet your visitors. If your normal readers expect you to be goofy, or a little on the strange side, that is fine. However, I have seen a couple sites that have creeped me out with some weird greetings.

You can edit the little welcome message to whatever you like.

WordPress Plugin Review: Theme My Profile

In fact, I have been exercising this on a few sites for clients that wanted their users to not even be lead to the WordPress backend, even to edit their user profile. Theme My Profile works well with the plugin Theme My Profile, and were both created by Jeff Farthing. Of course, you can use this plugin by itself as mentioned on Jeff’s page for the Theme My Profile plugin.

This plugin is a very nifty tool and eventually I will have it so profiles will be viewable too. Everything just takes time. The plugin works great and I have no found any bugs with it. You can even specify who has access to this feature and who does not.

My only issue is that I think there could be more added to this plugin to give the “theme my profile” that extra oomph. While it does let the user have a more uniformed experience with changing their profile, this plugin could also use options like adding social profiles, and the addition to work with a custom author page and author box for posts. (Please note that you can add extra social profiles through adding a few actions to your functions.php file, but I think it would be nice if bundled in this plugin.) I do not know what you would think, but for me, this would just be very enticing if these options were added.

Have you used this plugin? What are your thoughts?

WordPress Plugin Review: Theme My Login

I found a nifty WordPress plugin and this one themes your login page to conform with your current layout. It is called Theme My Login and it was created by Jeff Farthing. Now, this is different from the tutorial on theming your WordPress login page.

As further explained on Jeff’s site, his plugin overrides the wp-login.php and profile.php pages. The plugin includes a widget you can place a login form in your sidebar too! :) Jeff offers a support forum for his plugin… well actually, he has authored a few plugins. As a side note, I will be blogging about another plugin he has created very soon.

Although anyone who has a knack at coding can customize their own WordPress login page, Jeff’s plugin is great for those not as savvy in design. It is also great for those wanting to brand their site more effectively. Although I would put a link on my site to WordPress anyday, a custom login page is just an added attribute that I personally like to see on sites.

Have you tried out this plugin or know anyone who uses it?

Got WordPress Questions? Come Join Us for #WordPressWednesday on Facebook!

Somedays WordPress Can Make You Want To Pull Your Hair Out!

That’s why we’ve added a new weekly event for you to Kimberly Castleberry’s Facebook Fan page!

Hey everyone, I’m Kimberly Castleberry and for those that don’t know me I’m a WordPress tech that specializes in supporting small and home business owners in getting the most from their WordPress sites without having to become geeks themselves!

I run a number of events including #TribeTuesday and #FanPageFriday on my page throughout the week that provide you with opportunities to promote others as well as yourself. Check them out for more details.

I put #WordPressWednesday together to give anyone that is feeling stuck, confused, baffled, or generally curious about something related to WordPress or use of WordPress in marketing an opportunity to come out and ask questions and get them answered! Even better… its FREE!

Several generous individuals, including Nile here at WP Addict and others graciously join me in the fun and help answer a wide range of topics.

While there are some questions that are not possible to answer in a Q&A format, you’d be surprised what we can find a way to answer!

Whether its a plugin setting, questions about what plugin to use, difficulty with a configuration, puzzled over the difference between contact forms and optin forms, or wondering what the pros and cons of wordpress.com and wordpress.org are – we got you covered!

How does it work? Just come over to my page – ( Kimberly Castleberry Facebook fan page )], hit the “like” button if you haven’t already, and then go to the Wall tab and start a new message/conversation! As soon as I can I will answer you back to the best of my ability!

Now, of course actual support work is going to be required in some cases but generally with a little discussion most things can be answered right there on the page!

Even if you don’t have any questions, watching the questions that come in can be a great way to pick up pointers and ideas.

Skilled in WordPress? Come join us and flaunt your WP muscles! It’s a great opportunity to help answer questions, build your reputation and foster the love of our beloved WordPress in new users!

I look forward to seeing you on Facebook each week!


PS: Also be sure to check out #WordPressWednesday, #FanPageFriday, and #SharingSundays on Nile Flores’ fan page for another great place to promote your most recent blog post AND ask those WordPress questions!