Tips for Checking Your Blog Posts

Many writers publish blog posts quickly, only to realize that their mistakes later – typing errors, broken links, wrong keywords used, and titles which have not been optimized. Obviously, there are many details that need to be checked before pressing the ‘publish’ button. The following are some of the things that you need to check before getting your post published.

Did you read your post after writing?

Though this sounds like common sense, many people fail to read what they have written before publishing it. Unless you read the article as a whole, you can’t really know if the post makes sense, if the sentences and paragraphs are in the proper order, and if the arguments are convincing. Therefore, before doing anything else, read what you have just written from beginning to end.

Is the post complete?

If you want to attract much traffic using backlinks, you need to ensure that your article is complete. When you have read through your post, you will be able to assess if you could add more explanations and sections.

Did you research the keywords?

Keywords are vital for search engines. To generate maximum traffic, you should use the keyword that most people commonly use. This will make your post more understandable. In addition, it will be useful for search engine optimization (SEO).

Is the title appropriate?

The most vital part of your post is the title. Unless the title captures the attention of your visitors, they will not read the post. First, give your title an emotional angle. For instance, you could arouse people’s curiosity by making unconventional statements or get visitors excited by offering a valuable product. Secondly, make sure you use the main keywords in the title. This will be useful for search engine optimization.

Did you proofread the post?

Once you have read through your post and confirmed that the paragraphs are in order and everything makes sense, you need to read it one more time to proofread it. The focus this time will be on identifying spelling and grammar mistakes.

Did you link to your older posts?

Linking to previous posts in your blog is useful for both search bots and human visitors. It enables human visitors explore your archives, thus expanding or complementing on what they have just read. In addition, it enables search bots understand your content and crawl your website more efficiently. Therefore, before publishing a post, find older posts which you can link to.

Did you include an eye-catching image?

Images are a great way of enticing visitors to read your posts. They can also be useful for search engine optimization, and attract some traffic through Google image search.


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    Great tips. Start with the simple grammar mistakes because it is the easiest to fix, for example, it is and its, it has different meaning and yet sometimes can be overlooked.

    Other mistake that I had noticed is that words are tied together, i also made this mistake sometimes, it is weird that the dictionary somehow never pick up this error.
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    Exceptional blog site. I really enjoythe actual information, it is very explanatory. We definitely will remember to communicate to nearly everybody I do know with reference to your blog post.

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    I base my topic on the keyword with the most global monthly search. I agree that keyword alone can't attract visitors, a keyword should be transformed into a catchy title. I am proud to admit that I have a lot of ideas, I am little bit disappointed about my grammar though. Can you suggest any online grammar checker?
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  4. says

    Thanks for sharing Nile, before publishing a post I always proofread it first with the help of spellchecker and grammar checker like grammarly. As much as possible I also link it to some of my old post.

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