To Snap Or Not To Snap


Screenshot of a Snap preview A while back during a blog update, I mentioned the nifty tool create by that allows anyone to sign up their site and install a code to allow a small screenshot to appear when you however over any hyperlink. Of course, I had installed and after a time, I stopped. I found it quite intrusive for blogs that have quite a bit of linkage spread about the page. I had many experiences where I clicked a link too close to another and it set off the preview. I had a hard time getting to the page I wanted. It was almost as frustrating with sites that have bulky pop-ups.

Now, the tool is not a total loss, as it gives a dynamic feel to sites and allows people to get a bit of a visual preview of a site before clicking through to it. The tool also shows up as valid when you put your page code through W3. However, It might be intrusive for those on dial-up who may have to wait or for those days that is running a little bit too slow.

My suggestion is when using this tool is to consider the following questions before installing:

  • Will it add or detract from your website’s value?
  • Do you truly like the tool or are you just going to use it because it is trendy?
  • Will your visitor’s like the addition?


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    Oh I absolutely HATE that thing! It never properly loads for me and stalls looking at a page and I have high speed. I resent LiveJournal for adding it.

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    I hate it when I go to a site and all I get to see is those preview things. It’s annoying and it makes me want to never return again. To me it’s kind of like messing with my mouse pointer when it’s not needed. Some things are just better left untouched 😉

    Chans’s last blog post..Shocked and Speechless

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    Thanks for your comment :) And I must say that I’ve just spent the last 10 minutes reading your most recent posts, and by-golly you are quite insightful. I find each an every one quite interesting and in fact, I’m going to read some more.

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    I think you’re absolutely right. In theory it sounds really great that you can get a visual image of the site you’re about to go to – but in reality it’s way too intrusive and I actually think it’s quite annoying!

    Cecelia’s last blog post..Honestly

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    I despise that so much! One of my friends had that installed on her site, and I hated it. My computer is really fast, so I had no problems with it. However, it was just very annoying to have that pop up every time you hovered on a link. And sometimes, it would hide whatever is behind it, which was also very aggravating.

    I’ve also noticed that many of the latest internet “trends” are particularly lousy. I’ve never been a fan of very many of them. I really enjoy sticking to the simple, basic coding with few script. The only recent trend that I truly enjoy is the use of gradients, and even that is okay only to an extent.

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    Yeah you know what I never really liked that thing anyways. It was nice the first time I saw it but very quickly it gets way too bulky and in the way of the website, especially if there are a lot of links around and you just want to move your mouse around the page without having big squares pop up everywhere, slowing things down.

    Thank you for the comment on my entry. The poem was really just something I thought of when I woke up one morning. Sometimes I feel like people expect me to stay pure and innocent throughout all of life and while I try my best to always do the right thing whenever I can, I am not perfect, and though I may have done the right thing out of strength in a lot of instances of my life, Im really not that great of a person as people would expect me to be, which is why I say I have wings (everyone does) but only so many people know how to truly use them. And right now in life I feel like I have a potential beyond me, but yet, I only know how to crawl. But we all learn, some day.

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    I’ve never really cared for it much. To be honest, I find it really annoying when I see a site with it, and it turns me off. Makes a site feel too cluttered.

    I hate that LJ automatically enables it. I had to disable it right away. lol.

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    I agree, whilst Snap seems good in principle, especially on a page with only a few links, it’s implementation is terrible. It constantly freezes my slow computer, or obscures text that I am trying to read.

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