Training For Timelines For Facebook Fan Pages Is Here!

I know, I know, not again! Facebook has once again changed their fan page format. This time it is to the Timelines format that we see in regular Facebook profiles. You might be a bit miffed about the changes, and maybe even previewed it, but not fully accepted converting over yet. You may even be a bit confused or not sure what these changes should mean to you. Never fear, Timelines For FB Pages is here!

Kimberly Castleberry just recently held a very handy webinar called Timelines For FB Pages just in time for the new Timeline features that Facebook rolled out. This is a big change in the design and how both the fan page administrator and the actual fan use their page.

The biggest factor in this change, is that the terms Facebook has laid out for the administrator and these changes mean that not only do you lose your custom landing tab as your front page, but that some tricks to get fans to like your page may end up with your fan page removed.

Kim covers Timelines for Facebook Fan Pages thoroughly. Here is some of what she covers:

  • Facebook’s new policies for Timelines for fan pages
  • New branding tools
  • How the Timeline works and can be used to convert visitors

And much more…

While Kim is a great friend of mine, she has this knack to take you through new tools and show you every nook and cranny, so not only do you feel comfortable in using your fan page, you can use it to your advantage. I really recommend purchasing this Timelines For Facebook Fan Pages Training Webinar if you are hesitant to switch to the new version for Facebook fan pages. Facebook will be making every fan page convert to the new Timelines format over by March 31st, 2012 anyway, so you might want to at least preview and play with the new format.

Have you checked out the new Facebook Timeline for fan pages? What are your thoughts about the new format?


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    I dislike this feature completely as it makes things seem a bit confusing and has a tendency to create a laggy page. I have not done it myself, but I have seen several pages with this feature on it, and asked a couple friends about what they think, and they dislike it also.. maybe as they continue updating it, it will be an option I might consider.

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    I quite like the new timeline, but I find it is very slow. A friend of mine twitters all the time and this is linked to his facebook, so just to see his timeline from a few weeks ago you have to scroll down for ages and it is slow.

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    Hi Nile,

    Thanks for recommending Kim’s webinar on the new Facebook changes. I always check out to see what Kim has to say about any new trend or news in this business.

    I switched to timeline and I really like it. I know there will be some limitations, but as usual, I think it is best to just go with the flow, relax, and learn about the changes. I remember when everyone made a big deal about the new chat box change….well it really isn’t that big of a deal, is it? There will always be go with it. Thanks Nile!

    Raena Lynn

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    I must say i am actually looking forward to the timeline after been shown the Starbucks Facebook page which utilizes it.

    Also The pinning posts could be good as it get’s your best content seen.

    As for the cover picture, I think this could do a lot for brand, I’m yet to change over but will be soon πŸ™‚


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    Timeline feature for facebook fan pages. I will use it for my own facebook page……hope it will be beneficial for me….
    thanks for sharing it……………

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    I’m probably in the minority but I think timeline is great. It’s confusing initially but anyone who has been around the internet would have no trouble finding their way around it.

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    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thanks! This new Facebook thing is killing me. Just finished a slew of fan pages and now all those businesses are pretty peeved. Ugh!

    I was also a big fan of clever reveal pages with calls to action. Will miss those. Not having the ability to change a landing page will also be odd. Controlling how someone is introduced to your content was always the easy pitch for that. Back to the drawing board I guess.

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    I haven’t created the timeline since I really don’t like that feature. Thanks for this post since for sure by March 30 I have to force myself to switch to timeline.

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    Hi Nile,

    I attended Kim’s webinar and it was packed with usefule information about Facebook Timeline for pages! She answered all of our questions and covered all the changes we could think of!

    Thanks for sharing this with your readers, they will get a lot out of it.

    • says

      I was lucky to hear the abridged version over some Chinese food with Kim. She lives about less than 20 minutes from me. I missed the webinar, but got the link to watch it and it is indeed awesome!

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing this, Ileane. πŸ˜€

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    Hi Nile,

    i missed the webinar.. πŸ™ … but i really don’t like facebook timeline…. facebook is already complicated for new users and adding timelines will make it even more complex,,,

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    I miss the older version of fan pages…the new one is really unconnected. The only positive thing is that you can send private messages to the owner of the pages.

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    i liked timeline on my profile and when it is on Pages i liked it more
    Time line is very creative
    and the best thing is that you can send direct msg to admin

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    Really, it’s very helping information and your points are valuable.In any case I’ll be subscribing for your rss feed and I hope you write once more soon.Thank you sharing nice and resourceful information.

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    Hi Nile,
    To tell you the truth the new facebook timeline is another reason to dislike facebook, the only reason that I still use it is that everyone else does, anyway I will have to live with it πŸ™‚

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    So sorry to have missed the webinar. It was at the wrong time. Would love to see a recording of it. Kim always is a huge asset to everyone when it comes to Facebook changes. Looks like we are in for some “treats” depending on your personal preferences.
    Thanks Nile!
    Have a good one!

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      She did 2 hours for this webinar and it was really great… thoroughly covered just about everything for the new Facebook changes.

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    Thanks Niles for the great overview…I have to admit, I am a bit behind on this one. I will have to go over to Kim’s webinar and check it out. Great job in spreading the word.

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    I never liked the Facebook timeline view for personal pages, to make matters worse they forced it to the fan pages too. Change is good but not the forced changes and changes which wont bring in a drastic improvement to what is already there. Looks like the wonderful welcome pages and attractive and Interactive landing pages are also gone. But why?. Nice to know about the webinaire, i have a fan page for NHU – national Historic unit so i guess the default layout may stay and so am not much in need of the webinor but sound exciting.

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    Thanks for recommending on the new Facebook changes. I always check out to see what Kim has to say about any new trend or news in this business…..Nice Blog

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    The timelines have almost overwhelmed this user. I have had a hard time getting around this new look. It’s not terrible, but the recent upgrades have been making it tough to find everything.

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    It was packed with useful information about Facebook Timeline for pages! She answered all of our questions and covered all the changes we could think of! Somebody use it as spam. How can protect from spam?

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    Facebook timeline made people confused because of its changes. but i like timeline and i used it like everyone does. Thank you for the recommendations and informations about the timeline page.

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    I’m not even going to try and act like I like the new FB timeline….to me it sucks. They always force stuff onto us as the user! I have 2 FB fanpages and by the end of March, they both will be automatically switched over to the new lookinf fanpage timeline. Why FB………why ?

    I guess we all will have to get used to using it. It’s like buying a new car and getting used to all the buttons and stuff inside………….right? Sighs

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    OK we now get this fixed landing tab, a huge cover image/banner with the page wall below. It helps brands & business promote themselves but I do not think it can replace what we had with the default landing tab & fan-gate. FB has made it very clear with its latest move that they wish to standardize the landing page across business pages. We’ll get used to it but such changes are always a pain.

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    I don’t like the Facebook Timeline at all. According to me it’s so confusing and hard to use. If we switch our Facebook profile to new Timeline there is no way to get back to old one and that’s the reason I haven’t tried it yet. Most of my friends and colleagues have so many complain with the new timeline but now they don’t have any choice.

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    I’m sick of Facebook’s timeline already. it’s not just the fact that it’s forced upon us, but, it’s slow, tedious and just plain.. unattractive.

    I guess 2012 will be to Facebook what 2009 was to Myspace..

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    Nice to know about the webinaire, i have a fan page for NHU – national Historic unit so i guess the default layout may stay and so am not much in need of the webinor but sound exciting.

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    Facebook has gone through a major transformation with the new timelines. Some may find it more confusing than the previous layout , however I personally find it more refreshing and up to date compared to the previous dated version.

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