Trendy Web Design Is Not Always For You

The web has come a LONG way. I am pretty sure in that first sentence alone, all of you can agree and maybe you have heard something similar said from other people. The problem is that there are still a lot of trends floating around that people still want to stick to. However, for branding purposes, trendy web design is not always for you.

When you started your own website, you had something in mind. Maybe it was the colors? Maybe it was a vision for the logo? Maybe it was the format of the website itself? Many of us are influenced by other websites that are doing well, but many have a site design that has become the trend.

Their site is successful so if you have a similar format, you might be successful too… that is probably what you are thinking? However, where is your individuality? What makes you different from that person? Obviously, you want to have some influence and authority, but not be confused with sites you were inspired to emulate.

Here are a few tips to step away from having a trendy web site design.

  • Brainstorm what you believe is really necessary for your website.
  • If you prefer a general format of a trendy website, think of ways in designing it to make it your own.
  • Try not to emulate another company’s or individuals logo. You want to be memorable, so be unique.
  • Be on top of your niche market. Research all sites in your market and see what other website elements are successful. Try those and see how they work for you.

Please note when I say website elements, or site elements, I mean things like featured content sliders, newsletter subscription modules, marketing funnels, how posts are formatted design-wise, and more.

So, in conclusion, whether you are putting together a website for the first time or doing a revamp, think about how you can be unique and memorable, not just another trendy looking website.

How have you broken away from trendy design? What advise do you have for others who may still be struggling with branding their websites to reflect themselves or their business?


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    I guess I would maybe take issue with the use of the word of "trendy". Really the crux of the argument here is that you shouldn't straight-up copy other sites, duplicate content or designs, make boring carbon copies of things that already exist, etc. We can all get on board with that sentiment.
    I think the internet's recent "trends" include things like adding social media icons/buttons everywhere, for easy re-tweeting, facebook liking, rss feeds, etc. But we wouldn't argue against including those sorts of trends, because they are useful and not indicative of some kind of copy-catting.

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    Great article. I agree on all your points to be frank. The only exception i can see where there might be a good idea to follow so called "trends" would be in the case of niches that actually needs it to maintain their value. For example client websites within the economic nisch usually have to be mellowed down and not really stand out out to much. While a site for a rock band can really push and scream with colors and fun fonts.

    Personally i see trends as a necessary bad, but it some cases they are really necessary. I am personally fond of minimal design and thats usually how i like to express myself, i like the content to speak for itself. Great article it really made me ponder my design decisions 😉
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    Nice way to improve your popularity in online marketing and one more thing i want to say simplicity is the best policy for all because a website design look like better only then when it will looking like great, like white background and color of writing should be in black it will be the perfect option from my point of view, and also the logo of your website should be unique and unforgettable like if any person see your website and your logo on that it's suddenly strike in his/her mind , yes this is logo of faith of product.
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    Thinking outside the box is the key to having a good website in my opinion. I think simple & clean is the key to having a site that others will trust and come to admire.
    The use Javascript libraries will give sites the fun and clever little touches that will bring the site to life. Brainstorming and reserach into competitors website is a must no matter what industry of work you're involved in.

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    I was a bit confused by your site title at first, but sort of agree with the article's content. Web Design is supposed to serve a purpose, and while your website should be like your online outfit and reflect who you are, as an individual or as a company, and attract a certain audience, it is also about the audience you want to attract. Usability and design do go hand in hand though. An "ugly" design might discourage a certain type of traffic. In the end, if one does not know where to start, immitation, not replication of course, of praised designs is the best way to go, because they have already been developed to work.

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    I definitely agree on this. Your site should be more than its appearance and lay-out. I believe that what matters most is the content. Thanks for emphasizing that having a flamboyant website, you should always think and analyze on the totality, not solely on the physical appearance. Thanks.

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    Yes I agree with this I am a event photographer and my site is designed to show off my images. But many of my clients have flash sites that are too much and too confusing for the business sectors they are in. Sometimes it looks like a web designer has just done what they feel they would like to see rather than what the clients potential customers want to see.
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    Hi Nile, I do agree with you. As for me as much as possible I’d rather choose a simple wp theme design that is easy to navigate since my main purpose is to deliver quality content and not to amaze my readers with over decorated themes.

    There are also disadvantages when frequently changing themes since you need to customize your widgets every time you change themes.

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