Twitter Tools Back In Action

After a lot of work, Alex King finally got Twitter Tools working again. However, there is a catch. If you want to automatically post to Twitter, you will have to apply for a Twitter API to sync it with your Twitter Tools.

Although Alex says it is a big tricky, it really is not. The directions given to get the API working are very simple. It may not be easy for newbies, but if you have set up RSS Grafitti or a Facebook Application, it might not be so difficult.

Truthfully, all you have to do is follow the directions. Once you have filled in your website’s URL into the correct fields, the API will give you some codes for you to put into your Twitter Tools. Below is a screenshot of how I registered for a Twitter API, just for Twitter Tools usage.

It is important to note that if you are practicing in devious things online (like spamming) or have been reported for abusing Twitter in the past, Twitter may suspend you. The oAuth solution is the current approach, but according to King, he is definitely open to other solutions.

For a lot of people, this update comes as a relief. Twitter Tools is one of the most popular and downloaded plugins in the WordPress plugin repository.

What are your thoughts on the oAuth method? Have you set your Twitter API for Twitter Tools up on your site yet?


  1. marciewrites says

    I've done this and it's still not working. Here were the last set of instructions that were posted on WP forum.

    Are you able to get tweets from twitter? If you are, it may be that your application is setup on Read only mode (thats what happened to me).

    Unfortunately simply going into your application's settings and changing to read+write won't fix it right away since twitter doesn't update its access tokens when you do this. After you change your access settings you'll have to go to click 'revoke access' then 'undo revoke access', this updates the Twitter oAuth tokens. Once you've done that you can go ahead and copy and paste the new tokens in your Twitter Tools settings and hopefully it should work.

    • says

      I know when I set up mine, I got a bit mixed up on where the Token keys are. When you registered and the page came up with some codes, you need to go and click on the button on the right side that says Token Keys.

      Not sure if that may have been an issue, but I have set it up on more than a couple dozen sites now and it works fine (even on client sites not on my webhosting server.)

  2. says

    I have not set Twitter API for Twitter Tools yet because I didn’t know about this useful tool. But now through this stuff I came to know about this tool and definitely will give a try to this fabulous tool. Thanks Blondish for notifying.

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