Why Anonymous Blogging Is Not for Serious Bloggers

How much of yourself do you put out there on your blog and social network sites? If you are an anonymous bloggers, are you really taking the precautions for keeping your information from wandering eyes?

Unfortunately, for serious bloggers, those who are making a business of blogging and developing an authority amongst the blogging community cannot remain anonymous. Especially in the United States, you are required to file taxes for advertisements and all types of monies earned from endorsements, which in return other people can see your information.

If you want to remain anonymous, the following would be needed to be met:

  • You cannot reveal your real name.
  • You cannot reveal your address.
  • You cannot reveal detailed aspects that will specifically identify you, including work.
  • You cannot even share your photograph.

In social media, being transparent is important. This helps build your trust with others in your niche as well as readers in general. While the attention can be tempting for bloggers, you cannot succeed if you want to influence your followers. They will not be able to relate to an anonymous person.

AND it kind of hinders the process of becoming more of an authority in your niche. Many bloggers seek to attend conferences and even speak at them, gaining more authority over their blogging peers who remain behind the screen. For bloggers who choose to remain anonymous, they may not be able to grow more as a blog and brand versus other bloggers who will try to reach more people with any medium they can get their hands on.

While you might just be an individual, take a lesson from companies. They are required to share information. Why would you trust a large company if they cannot give you detailed information about the main hub or their products? If you cannot share a bit about yourself, why would people trust you. If you are making money online, you are building a business with your blog, thus needing that transparency for bloggers too.

While you can limit what you put out online and still be transparent, if you do not want people to know where you live and have your own domain, pay the extra few dollars to privatize your domain registration. Your visitors WILL get curious and even look up your registration, even if it is to see who you host with (despite the fact they could just email you via your contact form and ask.) This might give a little piece of mind of not being contacted by phone or snail mail or even email just by someone looking up your domain registration information at any registrar.

On the other hand, it is understandable why a person wants to keep as much of their information as private as possible, but also try to build a brand. It could be that they had a bad experience with harassers or perhaps had a problem with identity theft. Or it could be that they are parents and have worries that revealing information that could let a person know where they live is very scary.

However, with millions of bloggers online, there is a big difference between bloggers who are transparent and anonymous bloggers – the obvious trust and ability to assure authenticity. There are very few exceptions to being extremely successful as an anonymous blogger.

What advice do you have for bloggers wanting to become more active as a blogger, but try to retain some privacy in the same breath? For those who are anonymous bloggers, how have you assured your readers of your authenticity?

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About Nile

Nile is a 33 year old female from Southern Illinois. Nile is a mother of 1 son. She is also a web designer and developer, a graphic designer, and a public speaker, who exclusively designs and develops using WordPress. She is currently a student working for a Bachelors in Business. She also blogs at FamousBloggers.net and her very personal site, Blackish.net. Click to read more about Nile and Blondish.net


  1. Great article Nile. I never saw the importance of an anonymous blog. I thought the whole purpose was to establish yourself as an authority or gain readership.

  2. You are exactly right, Nile. Anonymous blogging is certainly fading. Time will really come when nobody could just blog anymore and be anonymous. This is also a complete waste of time if you are a business owner and blogging is part of your marketing efforts. Nothing will be accomplished by being anonymous.

    Thanks for the post. Have a good one.

    - Wes -

  3. I don't recommend anonymous blogging as it is difficult to create a relationship with the reader if your identity is blurred. The exception is if you post highly unique and quality content in the niche.

  4. Really valid arguments you've dealt on this post.

    When talking about anonymity I wonder Blog Tyrant. I checked everything and found no traces anywhere who is behind that blog. I love the blog for wonderful content it provides there.

    Privacy and Popularity – how funny – both at same time?
    My recent post Six Ways in which you can make money online

  5. i agree with you, if we showing our profile, will look professional. belived or not, many poeple interested to be our follower or fans because they looking first our photo/profils.
    My recent post Several Characteristics When Teenagers Exposed To Depressed

  6. my domain is privatized. and i'm so glad it is. i already get crap loads of shit mail as it is. xD
    My recent post Just a pretty face

  7. Good Topic but my point of view is that if you seriously want blogging and want to make it for others as well as for you then anonymous blogging can harm you because anonymous term creates non reliable feeling. Thanks for sharing the useful and educating stuff.

  8. Actually, you are very right. Once you have your proper details like name and an image, people look at you with more respect in the sense that they trust the blogger. Anonymous blogging is definitely not for those who are serious.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted..1. Say anything in 1 word!My Profile

  9. It is very difficult to maintain a blog if you are an anonymous blogger. Also it would reflect that you cannot be trusted with the written articles since your not known to your readers.

  10. Hi Nile! It’s another good written article. I appreciate you for helping readers through blogging time to time. The info you shared here is very crucial for people to keep in mind. Thanks

  11. You are right Nile, with anonymous blogging i see as very difficult to create that “special relationship” with the readers.
    And basically, like in any business, knowing who are you talking to means a lot.

  12. I thought that blogging was all about becoming a famous face among the blogging community. At least this explains why i was so confused when i saw the admin of a blog who refused to use a gravatar and their real name.
    Michael recently posted..Hello world!My Profile

  13. I can definitely trust a blogger more if I am able to put a face and a person with the person that is writing the article. I’m also part of the younger generation so I don’t even know what it would be like to be an anonymous blogger. Great post thanks.
    Jim Jenks recently posted..Melaleuca’s Sei Bella Beauty ProductsMy Profile

  14. Hey Nile,
    You have made a great point here about anonymous blogging. I don’t think it is the greatest idea. For what I have learned about blogging is that it is all about brand recognition and building our own brands. How is the author suppose to build a quality relationship with the reader also. You have highlighted many good points.

  15. Hey Nile,
    You have made a great point here about anonymous blogging. I don’t think it is the greatest idea. For what I have learned about blogging is that it is all about brand recognition and building our own brands. How is the author suppose to build a quality relationship with the reader also. You have highlighted many good points.
    Kyle recently posted..EyeProtectorPro Review – Take Breaks! Feel Better!My Profile

  16. Hi Nile,

    There are so many times I’ve thought of being an anonymous blogger. You know, just let my mind speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth. To really get my feelings out about people and issues without having to worry someone will use it against me or anger friends and family. But I find that it doesn’t work for me for two reason: one, my emotions and opinions may be too strong that I won’t be able to stop myself from giving out clues about my identit; and two, I’m pretty sure someone will find out who I am in three posts.

  17. I think anonymous blogging is fading, but still works in some cases where the information is clear, unique, and helpful. Not everyone is looking to build a brand but rather translate good, helpful information on the web without having to associate personally with the information.
    liz recently posted..White Gold Vs. Platinum – Which is Better For Diamond Engagement Rings?My Profile

  18. I used to have a site many years ago where I hid behind a fake name… I didn’t enjoy it! I much prefer to be me…

    Now, I’m able to be me and offer a lot more value because I can appear on camera etc.

    I strongly recommend being yourself as a blogger as it’s much more rewarding.

    Great post,

  19. I found this article to be very useful. My only advice for anonymous bloggers is not to waste their time. If you want your blog to be successful, show people you are real and you are ready to put your money where your mouth is. On the other hand the Net is an ideal place for swindlers who can use private data available there…and this is a serious problem.
    Nadin recently posted..Пирог с ревенем.My Profile

  20. Great advice Niles. I’ve made some conscious decisions about where to draw the line in terms of “revealing” myself online. I never share about immediate family, etc., but my biggest issue is maintaining privacy as far as exactly where I live, phone numbers, etc., and the reason for that is 10 years in direct sales where Reprs in my district felt it was perfectly ok to show up at my door any hour day or night. After a few really creepy experiences I changed all my numbers, etc., and made the decision to keep certain things very private in the future.
    marquita herald recently posted..To Stop Procrastinating Identify Root CausesMy Profile

  21. Hi Nile

    Thx for this info .

    I agree with you if you cant see how is the person behind the comment or post how can you really trust that person.

    A photo tel more than you think, That is why i delete every Comment from a person that i can’s see or know how it is.

    Good point’s Thanks
    Theuns recently posted..The ABC and Failing forward to SuccessMy Profile

  22. Nile,

    Everything you said in you blog post is accurate. I am camera shy so I dont like put my photo on my blogg it opens me up to Identity theft. In that it makes it easy for the perpretrator.
    Sandy Mack recently posted..lemonade cleanse dietMy Profile

  23. Thank you very much for the post! I can’t agree with you more Nile. I think many blog allow anonymous blogging to get more traffic or maintain the relationships with guest, but then they have to face many problems like you said.
    Jame recently posted..The Rook (1996) DVDRIPMy Profile

  24. Hi Nile,

    I agree with you totally. Building your reputation is everything if you want to prosper on line. If we are transparent, others see they get what they see. This builds trust, and people only part with cash to those they feel they can trust! Transparency is also your best defense against attacks.
    John Gaydon recently posted..I Never Knew I Had So Many FriendsMy Profile

  25. Agreed, blogging puts your privacy at risk; although, I am going to go back into the blogging battle soon to capture my audience. Stickiness is the key when you’re an affiliate marketer, and on aridseas.net I want as much stickiness as possible.

  26. Anonymous blogging, I don’t think we have to go through it.
    I want to be perfect with my own identity…..
    Thanks for sharing it……..
    Prakash recently posted..Best WordPress Themes Free DownloadMy Profile

  27. This is an outstanding post Nile. These information will remind people about the anonymous blogging and will keep their quality writing from wandering eyes. Keep posting such gratifying work. Thanks a ton for the helpful information.

  28. The only reason I would want an anonymous blog is if I wanted to promote something that’s in conflict with what I promote on my primary blog. I want to brand myself, which of course means putting my name out there.

    Willena Flewelling
    Willena Flewelling recently posted..From Head to Heart – Making it PersonalMy Profile

  29. A very thought provoking post, Nile. I can see a few other advantages to being an anonymous blogger in addition to the ones you’ve cited. You can say things (and take risks) anonymously that you perhaps won’t do in real person.

    But I agree with you, if you want to build lasting relationships with your readers, it calls for trust. Which calls for your real identity. Sometimes, the best way to protect privacy is to be completely transparent. :)
    Srinivas Reddy | Ask Sage recently posted..Do It Now Or ElseMy Profile

  30. This is a great discussion and you are certainly not alone in your dilemma. A blog is a wonderful place to establish an online identity whether public or anonymous.

  31. Blogging sounds fun but thinking of writing all those never ending topics always use to swirl my head. I believe there are times when even bloggers do run out of ideas on new topics and trying to get some inspiration always bring back that intensity. I found the articles very helpful and I’m sure every reader who loves writing will appreciate your tips.
    Becca recently posted..Hello world!My Profile

  32. Hello Nile,
    Great points you’ve raised here. I’ve always really thought transparency to be important from my own side. That said though I do understand that sometime people may be blogging from or about war zones and the like or places under military dictatorships. Here in the West it is easy to forget that whilst we enjoy freedom of speech many people are not in such a safe and fortunate position. These people in order to get their message out to the rest of the world often put themselves in danger by exposing their identity. :)
    sadie-Michaela Harris recently posted..Social Media Infographic Growth in 2011 IllustratedMy Profile

  33. I absolutely agree with you and this is the main reason I didn’t go into serious blogging. I enjoy my privacy and I wouldn’t want everyone to know my business so if I can’t do it properly anonymously I rather just not do it.

  34. Putting a face to the blogger certainly helps with feeling that they are genuine and sharing their true experiences with you. when you read a blog by an anonymous blogger, you often wonder if they have some kind of hidden agenda or are not trustworthy – which for me isn’t a great way to build a business.
    Melissa Rogers recently posted..Hyperhidrosis SurgeryMy Profile

  35. Thank You Niles
    This is a great informational post on blogging, I never really thought about the anonymous blogger, I don’t think I would like if I could not no the true person on the blog, but I do see your points. Just not my cup of tea.
    Thank you Again
    Sharon recently posted..Branding and How Effective It IsMy Profile

  36. I donot know about the people
    If you are intrested in blogging then do seriously else leave wasting your time
    Usman recently posted..Beyblade the Movie: Gekitou!! Takao vs. Daichi 480p BRRip 200MBMy Profile

  37. Good suggestion, All of you tips are very informative and will be a great help for newer blogger.Thank you for finding the time to create such an interesting and idea inspiring blog – I will back to visit very soon.
    mike recently posted..adexmart.comMy Profile

  38. So many very good points in this article. I have some friends that want to remain anonymous yet still make money on blogging and I truly think it is next to impossible!
    Walter Martin recently posted..Lakeland Florida Area Craigslist Older Used Cars For Sale – Local For Sale By Owner Deals Under $4300My Profile

  39. Seems like many people try to be anonymous by not sharing their pictures or videos, and by having a generic sounding blog name instead of a “yourname.com”.

    I think it’s ok, and I will still visit these blogs if they share great information.

    BUT, I’m always far more likely to connect with people who expose more personal details about themselves. And I am certainly FAR more likely to purchase things from them because of the trust factor.
    David Merrill recently posted..YouTube Video Strategy | Leverage High Ranking VideoMy Profile

  40. Nicole Schuman says:

    Being an anonymous blogger is kinda hard. You cannot share everything about you. Yes, you have your privacy but your blogs are only limited…
    Nicole Schuman recently posted..insurance claimMy Profile

  41. “In social media, being transparent is important. This helps build your trust with others in your niche as well as readers in general”

    I totally agree with this statement

  42. If I want my business or site to be recognized, I would never opt for anonymous blogging.

  43. On my personal blog, I am transparent but for my product review blogs I believe it will have a negative effect because many customers need to see a well designed professional looking product review blog rather than seeing my photo and short bio. Cnet blog is an exception where things are rather professionally managed and they reveal the identities of their authors.
    Murat recently posted..March 7th : New iPad ConfirmedMy Profile

  44. totally agree, thankgoodness that anonymous blogging is fading. personally i think nothing can accomplished by being anonymous, especially if you`re promoting your business

  45. hi Nile, nice post here…i agree with you, and i agree with Michael comment :
    “I thought that blogging was all about becoming a famous face among the blogging community. ”

    therefore I use my gravatar to become famous. other than that I trusted and known to visitors .. :)

  46. Great article and timely for me..I have had a blog for about 6 months..it has grown so much and I’m so happy with it. I had a generic little gravatar for my “branding” I was happy with it up until recently. I could really sense that if I was going to go farther in this blogging business that I needed to AT LEAST let my friends and followers know what I look like..so I took the plunge and put my face out there for the world to see. Now maybe nobody really cares..but I feel more transparent and I feel like I’m more personable :) Great Post!
    Shari Lynne recently posted..God Uses the Ordinary to do Something ExtraordinaryMy Profile

  47. Hi nile! you are absolutely right! thanks for the post. :)

  48. The only reason I would want to stay anonymous is if my writing wasn’t that good. Otherwise I would want to brand myself and be known as a good writer which would open up other guest blogging opportunities
    Anonymous recently posted..Owner Financed Real Estate & Homes in Austin, TXMy Profile

  49. it all comes down to the quality of the content, I don’t think anyone really cares who you are or if you write under a pen name or real name – after all, how can they actually verify that?

    just write good content and you’ll be fine

    • Good content is great, but if you are anonymous… you are limiting yourself later on when say you want to reach on the same level bloggers who are vlogging and even public speaking. You limit yourself to only so many mediums to convey your content.

  50. Great arguments. Building trust is a must online for me if you want to have a good reputation online that means being transparent enough. Glad to take some serious and well said blogging points in here.

  51. I definitely agree, when blogging you should show your face, this helps make you an authority in your niche, people will remember you and this will build trust with your readers.

    Great Post Nile


  52. Dhana28 says:

    So true! For me it’s good to be an anonymous blogger.. They will read your blog for the content not because of your picture at all.. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! :)
    Dhana28 recently posted..Live SportsMy Profile

  53. Such a great article! And I totally agree, staying anonymous is the most common barrier of the success of an online business. Online marketing is always based on trust, and we won’t trust somebody who is in incognito. Thanks for sharing this inspiring article.
    Julie recently posted..wisdom teeth extractionMy Profile

  54. I began a blog just yesterday where I am trying to stay anonymous. It’s a political blog and I would rather not have people see my name identified with it yet. Basically because some people can be so hateful and biased towards people with certain political views, especially in the industry in which I would like to work. Don’t know how things will go with being anonymous, hopefully well, but the odds are against me.
    Brian recently posted..How to Use Ana’s List of CommentLuv Enabled Blogs List CorrectlyMy Profile

  55. Be anonymous online is the same way of being anonymous offline. Nobody is ready to do business with someone he/she does not know. Therefore, anonymous blogger will find it difficult in getting more followers unlike known blogger. Thank for the advice.


  56. It is very difficult to maintain a blog if you are an anonymous blogger.
    Thanks for sharing

  57. Nobody is willing to take anybody who is anonymous seriously. Being online or offline. Therefore, if one is thinking of making it BIG online or offline, he/she should try his/her best to reveal some information about him/her

  58. Hi Nile,
    I don’t like it when a blogger doesn’t even have a picture of themselves on their blog. Following in second place is a first name without a last name.
    Justin Mazza recently posted..Do Spiritual People Get Angry and Show Other Negative EmotionsMy Profile

  59. I discuss this issue with one of my friends, he said that those who are celebrities are the ones that always do this. Is it true?
    I recently posted Things To Avoid When Discussing Company Problem

  60. You’ll find lots of occasions I’ve considered just as one anonymous blogger. But nevertheless works sometimes in which the particulars are apparent, unique, and helpful. That I have discovered blogging is always that it is all about brand recognition and building our personal brands. How’s the host suppose to create a great relationship while using visitors also.
    nikkilao recently posted..skin treatment acneMy Profile

  61. Dont know much about this before reading this post, thanks for sharing this informative post with us. That was really good for me to have some new knowledge coming here.
    Arjun Rai recently posted..Project CarsMy Profile

  62. Niles, interesting article – thanks for posting it. But what about the situation where someone may want to post unpopular (NOT hateful) political views – such as questioning some of the assumptions that are taken for granted today? Due to the group-think mentality that has overtaken the West, these views could potentially bring the blogger into conflict with employment.

    • There are instances where I can see and in many scenarios for any issue, for anonymous blogging… this might be necessary. I remember hearing about a gal who did political blogging over somewhere in the middle east and she was found out and publicly flogged. I can see in this case, that anonymous blogging is necessary. The thing is that “serious” is also an issue with some bloggers… how serious they want to become in their career. Anonymous blogging limits that line between the blogger willing to be in the public limelight and transparent versus limited to mediums because it may reveal their real identity.

  63. Hello Out there,

    Greetings! I just want to extend my gratitude to you ms Nile, by sharing this wonderful article that everybody read it will leave your site with something to bring on there on the information you have shared. your such a genius person in sharing this kind of article. Wish you all the best and success
    liezelsy recently posted..weight loss plansMy Profile

  64. Excellent i totally agree with this blog..I checked everything and found no traces anywhere who is behind that blog.Thanks for sharing this inspiring article.


  65. Jeffrey T. Sooey says:

    I agree with you Nile. If your purpose for blogging is to promote your business and yourself then anonymous blogging is not the way to go. There are certain things that you can keep private, but there are things that you need to reveal about yourself to be credible and for others to trust and have faith in you. Know these things and you’ll be set!

  66. I need to agree on your post ms. nile,

    Revealing you own identity is just fine even your blogger, your article is very interesting and informative. thank you for sharing it!

  67. I agree with you nile..Nice post..thank you for posting it..This is very informative article and is very helpful for everyone.

  68. Ben Molder says:

    Google know about as what we like, where we live,who are we and who are our friends. Anonymous online ended a long time ago …

  69. Anonymous bring a kind of doubt in every situation, I think, enough info. and gravatar will do so…
    Sandra92 recently posted..Unlock iPhone 4My Profile

  70. Anonymous blogger have not add their name so, they looks just as short time blogger and no one know about them. So it is not possible to make particular popularity through anonymous blogger.
    Brain recently posted..HTML5-Something About The Latest TagsMy Profile

  71. I am new to your blog – first of all your blog is really a blondish. In other words you blog looks speaks your blog name.
    Coming to your post now well doing blogging anonymous has it’s own pros and cons. I know many such people who do anonymous blogging to get our of the competition.

  72. True that. The author is often the brand. Unless you’re keeping a “diary” online to vex your life’s problems, anonymous blogging is pointless.

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