WordPress Plugin Review: Simple Tags

Simple Tags is a plugin for WordPress that helps the user choose the most relevant tag to go with their post.

Let’s face it, over-tagging is a problem that some bloggers are guilty of. It is so tempting to use as many tags that could possibly be relevant to the post. Tagging within a site helps with that website’s organization. So… over-tagging or even incorrectly tagging does not help the website, especially if people are honestly searching for certain posts.

Simple Tags can help by analyzing the content in the post and producing already existing tags within the site. They also have the option to have results from Yahoo!, Zemanta, and OpenCalais, Alchemy API, and Tag The Net. A few of the resources do require signing up and getting an API code in order to use.


Now, sometimes the suggested tags may not be enough, or you may know that there are some tags available in your WordPress backend from previous posts. There is a second field to choose internal existing tags.

To choose a tag, you only have to click the tag and it will be added.

simpletags-screenshot3Another great feature that it has is mass editting tags, and auto tagging. So, you can set the plugin to recognize that if certain tags are used in posts, they will be auto-tagged with that word.

simpletags-screenshot2Now, there is one thing that I am a little puzzled about as there is an added box to the right for simple tags. This box does nothing. However the plugin works great as it is.

This might not be a handy plugin for new sites, but for ones that are older and may have a thousand posts or more, it is a nice help to come up with the most relevant tags. I only caution that there are some suggested tag results produced that may not always seem usable, so it is up to the blogger to use at their own risk. In other words, do not just choose every tag suggested.

Have you tried Simple Tags? If so, what did you think of it?

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  1. David Croft says:

    i read your blog about WordPress Plugin, its really nice. its helpful for those person who are aware of knowledge about plugging.

  2. I have never heard of that plugin. I use ScribeSEO and inside the interface it takes my content and suggests the best tags for me. Have been having decent luck with that so far.

    Have your tried it?
    Clint Butler recently posted..Homer Simpson Is Your Target Market When Marketing OnlineMy Profile

  3. This is one plugin I wanted to play around with but never got around to it. I actually had to delete quite a few plugins because they were slowing my site(s) down pretty bad.

    A lot of plugins are simply overkill, and I figured that this plugin was probably one of those ones as well.


  4. This really looks like one I could use, never heard of it but will check it out. Thanks.

  5. I am glad I went to this site, these are great ideas you suggested. I belong to a few Article, but someone I never thought or heard of. I will join some of what you suggested. Thanks.
    Abhinivesh recently posted..Tips To Experience A Worry Free Luxurious TravelMy Profile

  6. Very nice review. Thanks a lot for sharing.
    Iftieaq Rahman recently posted..Facebook Like Gate, Like to Download – Get More Facebook LikesMy Profile

  7. i have never used Simple Tags but as your description it seems very helpful plugin to get appropriate tags
    Osho Garg recently posted..How To Add Floating Twitter Fan Box In BloggerMy Profile

  8. I have been struggling with this problem on WordPress for a while now. This helps a lot. Thanks for sharing!

  9. i have never heard about this plugin its very nice and important thanks for sharing..
    Rahul recently posted..Blogging Goals of 2013 to Make More MoneyMy Profile

  10. Nile, thank you for sharing this plugin with us. Does this plugin also re-tag prior posts automatically? Or would we need to do that ourselves. I like the idea of this plugin, but like others I’m trying to reduce the total number of plugins on my blogs, so I’m not sure I’ll use this at this time.

  11. Hi! First I’d like to thank you for these useful information. But I have my own point of view I’d like to share.

    I think it isn’t the correct way to write a post and then search for keywords. It should be the other way around if you want to make a good search engine optimized post on your blog. I think any blogger with well formed On-Site optimization skills would agree when I say that tags should be known in advance before even writting a post.

    Like for example if I want to write about “pregnancy” and “miscarriage”, I will make sure in advance that my post contains a few of both terms and also terms related to these terms.

    Still what do you think is the optimum tag numer? Four? Five?

    Thanks for the article and see you around.
    Grega Kostanjsek recently posted..Pregnancy Miracle – Lisa OlsonMy Profile

    • Hi Grega! I usually say between 2 to 8 tags is good. However, you should always make sure all keywords are relevant to each individual article as well.

  12. I have a rule I don’t use more than three tags. I think putting more that 5 doesn’t do you any good. And about this plugin… I just added it. So thank you very much
    Adam recently posted..From an average guy to a ROCKSTARMy Profile

  13. Hi Nile ,
    This looks like an interesting piece of plugin. I’m going to get it right away for a try. thanks for sharing it

    Happy blogging!
    Enstine Muki recently posted..Now that your blog is getting more popular…My Profile

  14. Nice plugin but i never tried it but after reading this post going to give it a shot thanks for sharing it with us Nile…
    jawad zaib recently posted..Kogan Agora cheapest Phablet in the worldMy Profile

  15. Good advice, I haven’t used this plugin. Your post caught my eye because I just did a post today recommending certain plugins for new bloggers, any bloggers actually.
    Still I always wonder when too much is reached…seems like there are multiple plugins that do the same thing and when will google say … its too much.
    I know I shouldn’t let fear control me, but I do try to pick non-competing plugins. I use all in one seo and that seems to do a good job. Still I’l like to have a plugin that told me the top 5 words by count as I write an article, those would probably be the best KW to use as tags.

  16. See the above. k? forgot the http?
    Robert recently posted..Make Money Blogging – HostingMy Profile

  17. I just knew about this tag plugin.
    Btw, do you have any recommendations for Serve scaled images plugin?
    Clara recently posted..BlackBerry Z10 akan dirilis pada tanggal 28 FebruariMy Profile

  18. Hi,

    Great plugin!

  19. Great plugin and nice review. Thanks a lot for sharing with us :D
    rayan recently posted..HD Wallpapers for Windows 7 – Windows 7 Wallpapers HD CollectionMy Profile

  20. Cool. Thank you. I’m just starting to learn everything WordPress and it’s a bit overwhelming. I’m having a friend migrate my site. Wish me luck!
    Glori Surban recently posted..Free Tools and Tips to Help You Write FasterMy Profile

  21. this plugin help me a lot in arranging my content, actually i do not want to use too much tags and this plugin help a lot thanks for post and review.
    abhilash recently posted..Samsung Galaxy S4 Specs (Rumored)My Profile

  22. From this article, Simple Tags seems very helpful. Thanks. WordPress plugins and themes make things easy as long as you use the right ones.
    Lucy Dark recently posted..Three Ingredient Peanut Butter CookiesMy Profile

  23. This is a great plug-in..i am using it on one of mine blog..and must say this is awesome..thanks for reviewing this here..
    aman recently posted..Send Facebook Messages From Any Facebook Account to Any Facebook AccountMy Profile

  24. this nice plugin , i am using it now for my wordpress
    thank you for this information

  25. I haven’t tried simple tags. I think of my own tags to be used and insert it on the tags manually.
    Matt recently posted..Cebu Pacific Air Job Fair 2013 for Cabin CrewMy Profile

  26. I am using this Simple tag plugin. It’s really a great plugin and you can put all your relevant tags related to your post at one place. Thanks for your review.
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  27. Oh, thanks! there are plenty of tips that I’d gladly use! I follow your blog since December 2012 (not long) but already attached to reading you)) Thanks!
    Marta recently posted..Free Business HTML TemplatesMy Profile

  28. Great advice. I am starting with wordpress and this article really help me to develop my site. Thank you

  29. Hi Nile,
    I’ve read about STT2 and the auto tagging plugin is banned by Google. Is this plugin not burden our blog? Is this plugin will also affect to our SEO?
    Ithauphy recently posted..Facebook Search Friends by LocationMy Profile

    • No, you only use the plugin when you are writing the article, and click to get results. The auto-tagging is more of a suggestion feature, and does not tag the post automatically. It just automatically produces tag results for you to choose from. However, not all tags suggested should be used as they may not be coherent or relative to the article. The tagging suggestion is allowed.

  30. Hi Nile,
    thanks to your post I understand tags better.

    When I did a search in regards to one of my posts, one of the results that showed up was a tag, and that was on Google.

    It is great to have an overview of the plugin!

    Thanks again!

  31. Yes tags are such a chore, thanks for the tip, I will give Simple Tags a try. I also use SEO Yoast which is great for optimising posts.
    John recently posted..Record Year for Equity ReleaseMy Profile

  32. Hi Nile, Sorry to say, but i didint try it, so i dont know what more to say about it. But it was easy to read and i enjoyed your article. Thanks!
    Jhon recently posted..Tips On Implementing The Food Pyramid For KidsMy Profile

  33. Thanx for sharing this post,I agree with your post…I hope your post is help to made my site best…..
    Thanx again for sharing….
    Akeel recently posted..Want Kids But Not Marriage: Salman KhanMy Profile

  34. This plugins seems to be very nice. It will make it easy to use most used tags by us. So it will be great to have such a plugin for us. Nice post.
    Prakash recently posted..UC Browser download for PC or Computer Free | UC Browser for PCMy Profile

  35. I guess if you use tags having this plugin would make sense. I am not that experienced with wordpress or website design, but I have been struggling to come up with a good reason to put tags in posts. Seems like categories are more useful. Just my opinion though…

  36. really informative and helpful review.thanks admin.keep it up.
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  37. nice and informative post.thanks.keep it up.
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  38. It was really impressive article. Really interesting post indeed. Thanks for sharing such a great information.
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  39. Hi Nile, Sorry to say, but i didint try it, so i dont know what more to say about it. But it was easy to read and i enjoyed your article. Thanks

  40. I heard before about the plugin but I not use that.Now I will go for use of it for sure.Thanks for sharing information about this plugin.
    Mahendra recently posted..Ways to reduce cell phone bill :easy and effectiveMy Profile

  41. I heard before about the plugin but I not use that.Actually I am not using any plugin for tags, but Now I will go for use of it for sure.
    Mahendra recently posted..Ways to reduce cell phone bill :easy and effectiveMy Profile

  42. Great article with good description about “wordpress plugin” thanks a lot for this useful information and i bookmarked this blog post.
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  43. hello Nile good to read this article about the plugins i did not try it yet but now i wanna try it, thanks :-)
    santosh recently posted..Spice smartphone with dual-core processorMy Profile

  44. Hey Nile,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing this plugin with us. I never heard about this plugin before and believe me I never used a plugin for tag but this plugin really seems interesting and now I am thinking of installing it.
    Sudipto recently posted..Best Android Phone Under 10000My Profile

  45. Funny I found this site and this post. Just started to look at this plugin and this post helped a lot.

    Stephen Malan recently posted..Growing Your Email ListMy Profile

  46. very nice plug-in, it\’ll surely save a tonnes of time of the admin in searching relepuant tags by itself.Keep sharing!!!

  47. Hi Nile.I always select tags for my post because tags are to be related with the post and should be relevent to the post..as you mentioned about the plugin it seems good,i also like its auto tagging option.Nice share.

  48. hey this is so useful, i actually add so many tags to a post its riciculous haha. thanks!

  49. I haven’t tried this plugin. In fact I’ve knew about it after reading your post. I wanted to try it but I am afraid that it will consume much cpu resources again to cost suspension on my site by my hosting provider.
    Matt recently posted..O+ Phones and Tablet Price List in Back To School SaleMy Profile

    • Who is your web host provider? I don’t think it will do too much to resources as it is a minor save to the database.

  50. This plugin is something I really needed. The hardest part for me after a post is creating tags. You have just saved me a lot of time.

    Thank you.

    Louis Sanchez recently posted..Why MicrosoftMy Profile

  51. hi, thanks for this post and i have a question i read that tags make a duplication in google is that correct, if not i will start using simple tags in my website.
    thanks in advance

  52. This is something new to me. Nice to know and I’ll try to use it as well. After all simple tagging is much fun to do.

  53. The selection of word press tag is very important. Because your 90% visitor depends and concentrate on tags. Visitor search through according to the tags which you have easily explored for the horizon. After you have make all these things which give you a new way to easily managed the situation.

  54. Nice review, I haven’t heard of this plugin. I will try it.
    Orjiakor recently posted..How To Activate Airtel Unlimited Facebook BundleMy Profile

  55. Hi it is one of the plugin that i have been using since the start of my blogging career. It has many option to boost your content.But let me say some words and that is its auto tag option.I think by repeating one tag more then two to three times in the content led the Google to recognize it as over optimization and repeated anchor text,that may led you under Google Penguin or Panda attack and resulting in loosing your PR,so what do you think,am i right?
    Rafaqat recently posted..3 Safe ways to get Backlinks after Google Penguin UpdateMy Profile

  56. This is one awesome plugin. please i was wondering if you know any recommended for auto linking?
    Samuel Adeniyi recently posted..Mozilla Firefox Versus Google Chrome – Choosing The Better BrowserMy Profile

  57. I like the Yoast SEO plugin as recommended by SEO Neil Patel. I will have to try this one though. Thanks for the great review.

  58. Hi,
    I’ve been using this plugin for the past few years on 90% of my websites.
    If you need something done fast (the manage terms part) with your taxonomies and also use autotag (or autocategorize, etc) this is the way to go.
    Laura recently posted..Aircraft Desktop WallpaperMy Profile

  59. Hi Nile,
    Thanks for your valuable and helping article post about “WordPress plugins”. This post is very wonderful resource. This post is equally important. Really good and nice description about “WordPress plugins”.

    ataur recently posted..HTML drop down menu boxMy Profile

  60. one of my friend told me about tag plugins and how it helps in seo…but after read this post i have to say i am gonna try this plugin..

  61. wow! nice post… this is a good resource for wordpress lover. thanx
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