WordPress Sunflower Wallpaper

Here is a wallpaper I made called WordPress Sunflower. Yeah, I know, fan art pretty much.

Anyone who has items they made as a fan of WordPress, you are welcome to pitch in to the readers. Just use the contact form to tell me what you have or would like to offer. You definitely get mention and link credit for your work.

WordPress Sunflower: It comes in 3 different sizes. If your resolutions is larger, please use the contact form and I will cut a larger from my larger raw image for you and anyone else who might have the same.

WordPress Sunflower Wallpaper (800x600) (1906)
WordPress Sunflower Wallpaper (1024x768) (1851)
WordPress Sunflower Wallpaper (1280x1024) (1891)

Feel free to download them. Even though I do not put my name on them, please do not claim as your own. Hope you like them.

This is where YARRP will go

About Nile

Nile is a 33 year old female from Southern Illinois. Nile is a mother of 1 son. She is also a web designer and developer, a graphic designer, and a public speaker, who exclusively designs and develops using WordPress. She is currently a student working for a Bachelors in Business. She also blogs at FamousBloggers.net and her very personal site, Blackish.net. Click to read more about Nile and Blondish.net


  1. Aw, that’s really cute! I’m going to use it on my Macbook. :)
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  2. Well wordpress always provides lots of good and new things to their users.
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  3. hi Nile,
    I like these wp designs, please inform me where I could use it and how. Of course I’ll be delighed to put your name.
    Are these for our blogs?

    Patricia Gozlan recently posted..Savvy Business Owners:Do You Have a Microwave-Mindset?My Profile

    • Actually, those are for your computer itself… like when you turn on your computer and it goes to a your main screen. I use one for my laptop so when it is on and I am not doing anything, I have my own branded wallpaper. However, some people have their own personal preferences on their display monitor. By default, there are some choices for Windows users, but you can download or make your own and choose to display that as a background on your computer.

      These are WordPress insired computer wallpapers, but I have several other computer wallpapers in the Resources section of my website… which will soon be “freebies”.

      I will have some actual WordPress themes I will be introducing this week…. and putting them out on the WordPress theme directory.

  4. That is very cute.

  5. Look simple but then looks cute.
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  6. Very simple and I think you can add something new for this…
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  7. Nile,
    your gifts on art and expression is amazing. The wall paper is your original design and shows a skill little are aware of. It is visulization which is required to master in our industry.

    You thought of a design and visualized it. Then manifest it into being. This is the process in business. You have a key gift that so many take a lifetime to develop.

    I thank you for sharing your design and skills. You have a strong message being shared and delivered a free gift. This is true servanthood at its best.

    Nile, your one of our great visionaries in our industry. One to learn from for sure. Thank you for expressing your raw talents and the free gift as the manifestation.

  8. WordPress Fanart eh? :0)
    I made this my background on my laptop. I patiently await your WordPress Fanfiction!

  9. Very nice….This is the process in business. You have a key gift that so many take a lifetime to develop.Thank you….


  10. That’s really cute! you’re so talented to have made that *envious* :)
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