#WordPressWednesday 2013 Volume 3

wordpresswednesday-event-thumbnailI have revived #WordPressWednesdays! It is a series that is suppose to come out every Wednesday with news from around the WordPress community. I have been busy with a lot of things this year, but this has been a series that has been in the back of my mind.

People are always asking me about news and such. Yes, they could google around for recent WordPress news, but I’m going to keep it simple and put together a roundup. I do talk about WordPress news and even have plenty of my own WordPress tutorials, but what a better way to make it easier for you all with a roundup post.

#WordPressWednesday 2013 Volume 3

WordPress Plugins

Syed Balkhi of WPBeginner released Floating Social bar. The Floating Social bar is a plugin for WordPress users to have a floating social share bar much like the one Syed has on his own sites.

Alex King put together a plugin for WordPress GitHub activity. WP Github Activity allows you to install a widget and pull your feed from Github.

WPBeginner shares How to Reset Passwords for All Users in WordPress. The plugin mentioned is Emergency Password Reset, and is great for when you might have a security breach and don’t want to go through every user manually to reset.

WordPress Themes

Devesh Sharma at WPKube shares a roundup of WordPress themes and plugin solutions to make a coupon site.

Chris Lema covers some well thought out points on the WordPress drag and drop themes concept. There are a few frameworks available and its like setting out blind people to design their sites from the GeoCities, and Tripod days. Chris even mentions it and yes… my two cents… agreed!

WordPress Tutorials

Kim Castleberry shows WordPress users on how to subscribe to the RSS feed of a single category. This is useful in case you really don’t care for the rest of the site and only want what you believe are the meat and potatoes.

WordPress Community News

WP Daily had announced that it was going to go away, but after huge feedback from the WordPress community, it is no longer a problem and WP Daily announced that they will just be on a hiatus until further notice.

Joost de Valk is working on a good premium support program for his plugins after a little kerfluffle over users complaining about their free support on the WordPress SEO plugin.

Bob Dunn interviewed Samuel Woods, who is popularly known as Otto.

Adam Warner of FooPlugins talks about FooCamp, a sries on how to make WordPress plugins. If you are a WordPress plugin developer or are interested in learning, this might be something you may want to sign up for.

WordPress Development News

WordPress 3.6 RC1 is out! Originally, WordPress version 3.6 was scheduled to be released in May 2013, but it was brought back to development to remove some features and fix some other issues that came up and some things worked on. Mark Jaquith says that he hopes that WordPress 3.6 will be available in a few more weeks.

The WXR Importer was recently forked for much needed improvement. Wishing good luck to Frederick Ding on his testing and improvements to the WXR Importer. If you’re interested in helping, join in his conversation at Make WordPress Core.

Thank you for stopping by for this week’s #WordPressWednesday. If you have other notable and newsworthy WordPress resources, let me know. If you are a company that offers resources, feel free to submit a unique press release or news tidbit.


  1. says

    Hi Nile, great roundup and thanks for mentioning FooCamp. Our goal is to publish every Friday for this series, both Brad’s “how to” and Matt’s “this is how I got along with the how to” so people can read both articles right away and follow along.

    • says

      Not a problem, Adam! Glad to share great stuff happening around the WordPress community. I try to cover a nice slice of it…lol

  2. says

    Thank you for the WordPress updates and info. In the beginning over 12 years ago everything was HTML and I learned it all on my own and set up websites that way which was very time consuming and sometimes irritating. WordPress is SO much easier but there are issues now and then and I love that you have everything in one place. So thank you again for bringing back WordPress Wednesdays!

  3. says

    Thank you for always keeping us up-to-date on Wordpress. I especially appreciated the information on tutorials and new themes. I am in desperate need of revamping some of my Wordpress blogs and I will be using this information to assist me.

  4. says

    I used one of the drag and drop themes to build my website. I don’t think it’s too bad looking but I also know it isn’t too far removed from looking like a WP blog.

    I don’t think the drag and drop themes are anywhere near as bad as the old geocities/angelfire/etc. days. Back then nobody really had a sense of what websites should look like and most websites looked terrible even when professionally designed. Now those themes (at least the one I used) come with extensive manuals, example designs and support from the programmer. The programmer is kind enough to help write custom code for small changes and I felt that really helped make my website look a little less generic. Granted, I do know a little about html coding and website design because I started designing terrible websites on angelfire back in 1996. However, I don’t know CSS or HTML5 or any of the more extensive coding frameworks to design anything that looks remotely professional on my own. The drag and drop helped bridge that gap. Even my first few runs at basic WP themes looked terrible.

    I would say those drag and drop themes are fine for people who have a sense of what they want the website to look like but lack the programming expertise to get there. They are also nice for websites that are primarily information-driven, such as my own, that aren’t harmed by appearing blog-like. For people who don’t have a clear vision of what the website should do or look like, they would be well suited to hire somebody to design and code the website for them, even if it is on a WP theme or some other CMS.

    • says

      I think if the framework used and some of the options are decent, it helps the end users to design. Artisteer was something that I would watch people put together a trainwreck…lol

  5. says

    Good Compilation of some awesome articles…The Social Media Share buttons are simply awesome …I’d like to have them installed on one of my WordPress blogs


  6. says


    I love the little roundup! Love the fact that you can see at at glance whether or not the article is of utmost importance or not. And knowing what Syed and Kimberly and Chris Lema is up to all in one shot is a great thing and a cool thing.

    Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to check out that social media plugin by WPbeginner!

    • says

      I hope every week’s #WordPressWednesday will be just as useful and great. As for the floating social plugin, I’m nearly done checking it out on a test site and about to put a review out on it.

  7. says

    hi thanks for this post . WordPress is SO much easier but there are issues now and then and I love that you have everything in one place

  8. Ryan Hunny says

    Thanks Nile for this wonderful and helpful sharing …. waiting for wordpress 3.6..hope it will come soon.

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