Write For Humans!

Write for humans. It is really simple as that.

Think about it. Humans build the computers and the programs for the search engines. Humans search online and read. The search engines do pick up what you write about, but it is not the search engine that you must rely on alone to receive traffic.

Writing is not easy. It is not something that comes naturally to everyone and does take some time to learn how to develop your blog voice while also thinking about how to optimize your article so it is crawled well. However, you also have to remember that you need to write in order for your audience to comprehend your blog post, engage with you on that article, and maybe even do what it is that you want them to do. That might be buying a product, subscribing to your email newsletter, or following you on a social network.

It is understandable that you want to make sure that your blog ranks well, but do not forget who you are writing for in the end. Search engine optimization is not as hard as people think it is. If you have a well designed theme that is slick on load time, you only have to worry about the content you place on your website. Regardless if you are writing all of the content on your blog yourself or paying someone, write for humans!



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    We should always write for humans. Writing style should be good. If the content is good enough then it will optimized for search engine also.

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      Obviously we are writing for humans, but making sure there is great content that humans can read is just as important! I can’t tell you how many blogs I have read on “Writing Great Content” that I could hardly read because it was written so poorly! You should really know HOW to write properly before you write about writing lol NOT talking about this post as it was very well written, but other blogs I have read.

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    I Second your opinion Nile. Content should connect with the audience more than anything. If a person wants to be successful blogger, content is the sure shot way to do it.

    Thanks for the post.

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    Great info. Indeed most people start with SEO instead of content. I learned that first hand as well, you have all the ideas in your head but then you get caught up in the sea of SEO information! Well done keeping it simple =)

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    It is so important to remember this when doing SEO. Writing should be quality and utmost on the list for good, engaging information. I can’t believe people think just backlinking and mentioning keywords is the best route to take with SEO. That is so archaic and unhelpful to do.

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    Very interesting breakdown, indeed. It’s nice to have such information available in one location and some ideas for new and different directions to take to help one stand out.

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    I guess once upon a time in the days of ever present Markoving, people wrote more for SEO value or I guess more accurately; manipulated for SEO value. I like it so much better these days when we write for people to read and engage with.

    I like this idea just as you have presented it, no sugar coating, just DO IT THIS WAY. That makes such good sense to me.. Short, simple, to the point. Thank you.

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    I agree that as a blogger we should write for humans. But we also need to optimize our site to gain more traffic. We just need to balance it more.
    What is important is getting more people to like your article and share it them with others.
    By the way, can you suggest where can we syndicate out site?

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    People forget that Google is trying to identify what “wrote for humans” and “useful for humans” looks like and that SEO is just trying to target Googles target… hence, writing for humans! It’s too easy to fail to realize that googlebot has gotten substantially smarter in the last 10 years and no longer falls for many old tricks!

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    Hi Nile. I’m not someone who writes my posts for SEO, although I do try to do a keyword search before I write. I sprinkle a few in here and there and put the rest of them in tags. I love to write, and even doing the keyword search kind of cramps my style a little bit. But I guess I have to go along to get along with search engines if I want anyone to find my blog. Thanks for this post. I feel better.

    All the best,

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    I totally agree and am in agreement and totally concur with you on this one particular post, blog post, article.

    Instead of just writing a quality post, blog post, article, with humans, human beings, individuals, blog followers as the target audience, unfortunately too many writers, bloggers create content with SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing as their focus, goal, area of concentration.

    I think, believe, as do you, that this is something that we, everyone, all of us should oppose, fight against.

    Thanks, Thank You again, once again for sharing this post, blog post, WordPress blog post, article and image, graphic, graphical image with all of us!

    Take Care,

    Jupiter Jim

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    Hi Nile,
    yes, you are so right about writing for humans.

    If people don’t enjoy reading our posts all the SEO is not going to help us or more importantly those readers how may find our posts.

    It is also much more enjoyable and flowing when we write with the reader in mind.
    Thank you for sharing this!

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    Hi Nile,

    Everyone who blogs should read this post. So many people write only for search engines and it shows on their blogs.

    To be honest with you I am very glad that Google is finally seeing through it. Their programs can now read almost as humans can and that will slap down the gibberish that is written for the bots only.

    If we want to be successful bloggers we must consider first and foremost that our visitors are people who are looking for help and information. If we do not provide it we deserve to fail.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


    P.S. love your logo

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    You are so right that we need to write so that people reading our blog can understand. Sometimes I have gotten fancy with metaphors that some people just do not get – and they feel frustrated. But it is also important not to forget about SEO. When we forget to include important keywords, we can be losing a lot of valuable traffic and potential customers.


    Dr. Erica

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    Have you heard the saying “Content is king”.Content should always be the focus of the site.The content should be directed at a targeted audience, as modern-day marketers should focus on trying to understand their customers, rather than just tell them what they should be paying attention to.

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    there is so much to learn from your knowledge about blogs and internet and how to be noticed… I am slow but I find that slowly I am getting there… OK< I know I still have lots to learn haha 🙂

    Writing to humans is something I never though about… mostly because before joining B3 group, I was writing for my self haha 🙂 YES… no one even found my blogs and plus, I was not as diligent to write often so that combination was a big factor for me not to like to write much haha 🙂

    I am not into CEO at all… some friend installed a plugin so I can start using it but so far did not even get near…

    Thanks so much for your bright post that light up a lot of minds… including mine.
    Thanks so much again.
    All the best.

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    HAHA so true I cannot stand some of the material i find online these days. Spam blogs and spun content, enough junk to drive someone crazy even attempting to read it!!

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    All search engines want useful and informative content that get appreciation by real human. I think that’s why search engines now consider social media trends while ranking any webpage in SERP. As they feel human would love to share useful content and they could easily recognize what’s been appreciated by human.

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    Our articles should be for human always. It should depend on the writers creativity on how he can insert the keyword on the article without affecting the information that should be imparted to the readers.

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    Two strategies I learned a while ago: err on brevity: say it in the most concise way possible. And second, read your article out loud, as if you were talking to someone. If something doesn’t sound right, change it to sound more natural. It also helps to let the article sit overnight before coming back to proofread it.

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    I’ve made lots of mistakes trying to focus most of my time on SEO and found it annoying,frustrating, and not very fun. I found that writing what you love and putting some time into it can both be rewarding not only for my readers but for myself as well knowing I put my best work into my post.

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    hello admin,
    your post has been very enlightening and full of learning…
    I’ve been greatly motivated by your post….i m a new blogger and would greatly appreciate you advice and important tips regarding blogging
    thank you 🙂

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    Google seems to be more focussed on social networking in addition to how many different mediums you’re getting content on. Video & podcasting is important as well, so I agree it’s more about writing and sharing genuine, good quality content for humans & not robots.

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    black hat seo experts tries to deceive Google at their best but google is smart enough to identify what content is real and genuine. So i do agree with you that one should write sensible posts not crap.

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    In my almost every post, I use italic letters. It’s not only for search engine, but also for my reader because the letters are applied for foreign terms.
    Yeah, I agree we should focus on the theme design and page load time. Maybe something important that we should consider in our writing is our keyword density.
    It should be enough (not too much) to be able to read by humans.

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    I’ve been earning a living as a writer over the past years now. Thank you for this reminder. If you will also look at Google today, they have turned everything around for content farms!

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      It is understandable that you want to make sure that your blog ranks well, but do not forget who you are writing for in the end.

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    Lets all support morality in the society and post messages digestible by other bloggers if we are writing on the social sites.Thanks for being hearty.Your reward is above .

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    Yeah! you are right writing is no longer an easy activity.It is no longer a natural one.It takes some time to learn how to develop writing and make to your blog a voice while also thinking about how to optimize your article so it is crawled well.

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    You are right! People use to write for search engines, they don’t the value of Visitors, Google is changing his policies to provide content according to visitors Need. So, Writing for Search Engines is useful, if you are writing high quality Content, means you should not worry about any thing else, what do you say Nile? Am i right or Wrong?

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    Hi, Do engineers and space techies count as Humans? My blog is for people who like that kind of thing and I try to write for humans but I know exactly what you mean, it is something you have to learn. I think I am getting better, been at it for abut 5 years now but I know I can improve. Thanks for the tips and remembering humans read blogs not search engines….well not yet, give them 20 more years and maybe they wont need the humans any more……

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    Hi Nile,
    Yeah, you are completely writing, we being bloggers have to write for the humans as people come to your blog through search engine and help you earn more not bots.

    Thanks for the awesome share!

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    Good point Niles, though there are those of us who are challenged to keep reminding ourselves of the whole SEO / optimization thing because we are already focused on writing for humans rather than search engines.

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    Writing to humans is something I never though about… mostly because before joining B3 group, I was writing for my self haha YES… no one even found my blogs and plus, I was not as diligent to write often so that combination was a big factor for me not to like to write much haha………….. I like thw way of writing mainly your post Image ………..
    ;0 🙂

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    I first heard Marc Ensign talk about this months ago. Maybe you have mentioned it a while back too? When I write, I never focus on SEO, but rather, ‘Does it makes sense?’ “Is it readable and easy to understand?” “Did I get my message across?” The last thing I worry about is the right keyword. In making my first screen recording video, I found it unique and challenging to speak to someone not there. It’s just another learning process, like writing your blog post.

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    nice post Nile Flores this is the first time am reading your blog post, i must tell you that you have quite an informative blog and post please keep it up

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    HI Niles! Agreed 100% When I frist got started blogging I kept hearing do your keyword research, keyword research and I just couldn’t get this concept so I never did get this. I have always just got to writing and never worried about this sort of thing. What are your views on this Nile? I am curious to hear what you have to say.. Thanks for the Great Post writing for hmans makes much more sense. Chery 🙂

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    I totally agree with your point of view. A few years ago when I was new to seo and blogging, I spend several hours every day trying to build links. Over the years I have understood that only quality content can bring visitors over the long run. Having quality content means that others will build the links for you organically.

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    “Writing is not easy. It is not something that comes naturally to everyone”

    This quoted line really tells how hard content writing is. Writing should never be underestimated. As a blogger and writer, I still believe that content writing/article writing is still one of the best SEO. method. Articles that are rich in information and of high quality can generate traffic better than using Black Hat method. We should write articles with the intention of helping our end-user’s, customers, visitors, or readers and also to generate profit. I support your point of view.

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    Nile you discussed basic but very important point that “write for humans”. There are a lot of writers and bloggers who are still writing for search engines and for algorithms. Therefore they didn’t get good response against their posts and websites. Your shared points and arguments are very effective to understand the basic points that all these things are for human therefore everyone should writer for human and it is key of success.

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    Yes, I agree with you about “Writing for Humans”, in this case If we write for search engines this can be as liar or trying to hack the search engine result, but Google has warned about this. And Google don’t want a web spammer is on the first result to try to confuse Internet User.

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    Very good information on writing for humans.
    As for me, having confidence in your ability is a key to successful writing in any form and if you have belief in yourself and what you are marketing the likelihood is that you find yourself being more creative.

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    ha ha it is funny that while most of the bloggers talk about writing quality content that adds value to users experience, what they do is exactly just the opposite. while we claim to write for the people, we end up writing for search engine. This is sad but this is true.

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    Very well said Nile. And yeah always write for human, not for bots, not for search engines. Search engines follow people voice so if your audience find your article or content useful, then surely you are going to get good position in search results.

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    I agree with your post 100%. Our focus should be on writing top quality posts that resonate with our target audience rather than focusing only on Search Engine Optimization and marketing for SEO. Thanks so much for the great reminder!

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    I’m totally agreed with your point, because I learned this thing from experience. It may possible that to write for humans will not give you a good startup.. but after some time the traffic which you will get is long lasting and geniune…thank you.

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    Writing for humans is great–but keep in mind that real humans are reading your post. So if you are just putting in text into blog posts then it’s not very “user friendly”.

    People like to see images, photos, videos, graphics, infographics, just as much as they like to read. So adding a photo or video into your post goes a LONG WAY towards pleasing readers. I’m sure that search engines are aware of this.

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    Here’s what I have found over time. My posts that I’ve written with only the intent of conveying my message to the reader rather than hardcore SEO practice (there is SOME) always end up surpassing others that are geared towards SEO but sacrifice readability. This is over a 2 year period. In fact one article written by my wife who has zero knowledge of SEO including what it stands for is the top ranking article on our site. Also noteworthy, readability = readers = long term natural links!

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    This is a real problem for people who are writing for the sole purpose of generating search engine rankings. What they don’t realize is that the ranking is of little use to them if visitors click on a post or article only to bounce because it wasn’t interesting, helpful or informative.

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    Totally agree with you on this as one must target his goal and write for humans, and blogger must write quality content if they want to succeed in this business…

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    It is true that Search Engines are working like human. I don’t know what startegies or what they are using. WE can put any thing in search box and we can get the result that we are thing in our mind.

    It is true that to become a writer is not easy job. I know that because i am trying to start as writer but I unable to do this because I can’t concentrate and work daily basis. I am not native writer but I have tried few times but I unable to manage it

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    Hi Nile….I am still new to the Blogging world , but learning every day…..although inexperienced, my thought was the same as yours….Glad to see I’m on the right track!…..Write to humans …and humans will come!…Thanks Nile ….Smokey

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    Even through you are writing for human eyes as your first priority, it can be helpful to go back and ‘thesaurasize’ in some keywords into the H2 paragraph titles. If you are writing on the topic anyway, this can be an easy spot to pepper in some keywords.

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    I hear you. High quality content, well structured content will always bring you lots of benefits. People should rather focus on the quality of their content as in fact, as you said, they are writing for other human beings, not for search engines or anything like that.

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    you have carved the exact words of Matt cutts for getting success in seo you have to sell your unique idea which got appraised always thanks for a great share

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    very nice article Nile,

    most of the bloggers write article according to the needs of Google or to be specific they write for Google bots, so that their writing will fit into the Google’s algorithm.

    they do not believe in presenting the quality content, you’ve written the nice article Nile, people must write for humans not for bots then only they will get the true followers..
    great say..:)

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    Hi Nile,
    I love your message. And I totally agree with you that sometimes we complicate our lives, doing unnecessary things. Writing for humans is much more pleasant and rewarding than writing for bots and search engines. It was a great say. Keep on the good work!

  56. nida says

    I agree that as a blogger we should write for humans. But we also need to optimize our site to gain more traffic. We just need to balance it more.

  57. says

    Hi Nile,

    You are absolutely right. While reading most of the information on internet I feel that I’m reading some alien language. A handful of SEO techniques with good writing is all that is needed.


  58. says

    Search engines aren’t smart! By writing for a search engine you’re simply writing more web friendly, focused content. Not only will it help users find you via search, when they do find you – it will be highly relevant and valuable to them.
    An eHow article might not be a masterpiece but it’s laser focused and incredibly easy to read. In general, they give you everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

  59. says

    Nicely stated. I write for search engines which human use, indirectly, i also write for Humans. LOL..

    Thanks for the tip. I appreciate

  60. says

    I Second your opinion Nile. Content should connect with the audience more than anything. If a person wants to be successful blogger, content is the sure shot way to do it.

    Thanks for the post.

  61. says

    Hi Nile,
    Awesome words to explain SEO thing. Even specialist of this field till date don’t know what SEO is.
    Writing for human is always win win situation for blogger. Google always focus & suggest such SEO practices to make content available for humans.

  62. says

    What you say is so true.
    However, the problem that many professional content writers have is the very poor payments that are offered. Perhaps this is what causes them to resort to making shortcuts and providing poor quality content.

  63. says

    Hey Nile,
    I think with all of the updates with Google “writing for humans” is becoming more and more important than ever. Google is trying harder to concentrate more on quality content rather than backlinks, authority, etc. Regarding load time as well, that is huge. You of course want a quick load time and clean theme 🙂

  64. says

    Good day mate thanks for writing the exact truth about SEO even Matt cuts has said this in several video that explore your service in a manner which look unique and real to search engine…as google crawls pick the sites all over on daily basis as you have offered something unique you will praise instantly

  65. says

    Great thought i also do believe that a blogger should more focus on their audience comfort. They should work more for their reader and not always run for seo an all. SEO is very important but readers are not engaged then there is no use.
    Thank You

  66. says

    hello nile
    i am new to blogging and dont know much about it but yes i often hear that writing great content is the best thing you can do

  67. says

    Great article, this is what I’m always telling people who ask me for SEO tips for their blogs – REGULAR QUALITY CONTENT ABOVE ANYTHING ELSE

  68. says


    Thanks for the nice thought , well i believe after Google Panda Update ,people have started writing for humans , even those who hire Freelance writer , clearly ask for writing article for human not for search engine . I hope after some time ,Search engine will contain good and well research article written on for humans .


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    Hi Nile,

    I agree that we need to write for humans. Since we are blogging and posts are indexed, there should be a nice balance between our content and SEO. If we don’t apply any SEO at all, then it is more difficult for people to find our content. One thing I ignore and find boring and annoying is spun articles. I come across them once in awhile. They are easy to recognize and I don’t bother to read them. My favorite blogs are written by bloggers who don’t bother with SEO too much. Traffic is driven by engagement.

    For me, the recent changes in SEO moving towards social media has made blogging easier to focus on writing for people and creating better content, rather than fussing with SEO as much as I did in the past. I like your infographic. Thank you!

    Raena Lynn

  70. says

    Now a days search engines cares for good content,It is not because it has been said but I have experienced.In my website I don’t have any quality backlinks but yet I get good position in search engine result page.Just because of my good contents

  71. says

    I always prefer to have repeated readers and I convert 80% my visitors to subscribe by blog. Pick a topic that is interesting and related to your industry. This can be a simple announcement about something new your company is offering, an interview with an expert or professional in your industry, your opinion or response to recent changes in your industry (anything that goes against the status quo). Don’t write something for the sake of writing blah content, make it interesting and useful.

  72. says

    I really agree your bottomline advice in this post coz i believe if your work is not worthy for the others, it’s a total waste. And ofcourse the more you think your work has capacity, the more good you feel abt yourself

  73. says

    I use Yoast WordPress SEO plugin. It’s helpful to remind me of where and when I need to use my keywords. If the article I’m writing doesn’t work well with those suggestions, I just ignore them. I figure quality work that people enjoy to read will eventually win out

    Great article!

  74. says

    Blogging is a rapid fire to earn money today on the internet but for this basic tips, good post and corporation with other bloggers is much need well this time we can not say how many peoples are jobless but blogging is the why to increase the bussines and provide employment.

  75. says

    That is such great advice, simple but great!
    Some posts you read feel like they’ve been written by a robot and half way through you wonder why your still reading it! (Not your posts)!
    Thank you for your advice, It is quite hard to find things to write about all the time but everything gets better with practice ( or that’s what I tell myself lol ) =)

    Kindest Regards, Jessica.

  76. says

    Have you heard the saying “Content is king”.Content should always be the focus of the site.The content should be directed at a targeted audience, as modern-day marketers should focus on trying to understand their customers, rather than just tell them what they should be paying attention to.

  77. says

    Yes I am agree with your point of views and i am also agree with the above comment. Content is basically a big part of the website or any blog and if content is not good enough who will acess and get the good answers for their problems and if content is great then if you work well then you can easily can get good traffic and rank.

  78. says

    Write for humans… It should be a no-brainer, shouldn’t it. But we often forget, in our hope of getting recognized by Google. Thing is, the more we write for people, the more natural we are in what we have to offer, and the more likely we are to BE recognized by Google in the long run. Thank you for the reminder.


  79. says

    Sometimes “writing for humans” is easier said than done. I mean for those who usually don’t want to deal with things like that and just want to focus more on improving their crafts and sharing it to the world, and showing the world what they are capable of (i.e. web designers and those that provide graphic services, etc.) they’d probably have no energy to deal with that sort of thing. And besides, some would say to be able to write for humans nowadays, you gotta dumb down your content so much, which could be pretty hard for some of us. I’m not saying I’m one of them though, this is just my observation.

  80. says

    I have heard a lot that always write for humans and it makes sense too because if your readers love your content then the search engines will also fall in love your articles and so you will get better results and ranking.

    Thanks for this article

  81. says

    Stop complicating SEO and start writing for human!!! This is really great idea.The point explained here gives us great informtion.Writing for human means writing great content with skilfull way of writing! We all know that writing is not easy.We need to learn more about the language we want to write on and learn about the topic we want to talk about too!!

  82. Eric says

    Great article – I do think people often lose sight of the importance of writing for humans, but it’s really the best way to effectively reach people with your content.

  83. says

    Great article full of common sense advice. I spend a lot of time trying to convince clients to forget about keyword density and bolding the keywords and just write something that humans would want to read! But it is a hard sell….

  84. says

    Yes, I agree. It is necessary if you write then try to write in human readable form. Writing is not an easy task but also no so difficult.

  85. Kay says

    n this is the part where a lot of people make mistake. Many of us pay attention in seo but we don’t focus on our writting skill. we just write for google and it cause problem we lose reader.
    Thanks for the info

  86. says

    You have put it exactly like it is..write for people and not for the search engines! Unfortunately i guess many of us have really failed in this task and we are busy concerned about how to please Google for example. We forget that Google has no emotions but humans do. I f your audience does like your work, it is pointless to even try and impress the search engines. Great piece. Thanks for sharing

  87. says

    Writing for humans passes more value than writing for search engines and robots, If reader find your content interesting then he/she will stick long to your website and it will pass maximum value. Thanks for tips.

  88. says

    Nile you are totally right about this. Blog posts doesn’t need to be perfect. it just needs to be connected with the readers. Like you’ve said, the best way to do that is write like talking to a friend. I’ve been practicing that and it’s starting to work.

  89. says

    Hi Nile, thank you, so much, for your informative post. Being very new to the blogosphere and the marketing strategies that are so closely related, it is easy to get wrapped up and stumble around in the SEO mazes. I don’t ever want to lose sight of the real target of my writing…humans. You Rock!

  90. says

    Hi Nile.
    I read many of your posts , i am found of your articals.What a writer you are…I like this view in this post “Writing is not easy. It is not something that comes naturally to everyone and does take some time to learn”…
    Thanks for share…..

  91. says

    Content is king!
    It’s important to write for humans because it decreases bounce rate a lot. This can even help affect your rankings a bit.

  92. says

    Hey Nile
    This post sounds Great. I am totally agree with you that we should always write for the humans not for bots. Providing qualitative articles with full of needed information is a great way to move any blog towards success.
    Take care Keep enjoying
    Chetan Gupta

  93. says

    Hello Nile,
    I think that mostly people didn’t understand whether they are writing for Search Engines or Humans. we know that “Content is a King” if we create Good content then we can get the most targeted Audience.
    Anyways, great Topic to Discuss. Not Easily find on the other Blogs.
    Thanks for sharing Nile
    Have a Wonderful Day Ahead

  94. says

    I use a good, relevant keyword in most of my posts and include it in key spots, but I write for humans. I totally agree that it’s essential. I’m all about writing informally/personally and building connections with my readers, not writing for search engines.

  95. says

    I always write for my reader and never for google, guess what? Google seems to like it! Trying to “trick” google is a very bad long-term strategy, simple because in the future when they will do a update that fix that “trick” you’re using … you’re going to be penalised. Moreover, each year google get incredibly smarter … you are better to focus your energy on your reader!

  96. Gary Smith says

    Adding to all mentioned above spending reasonable time to identify how and what combination of words your most wanted visitors use to find out the topic or theme you going to blog about and including those words in you blog replacing those jargons will really help to reach more people. What you think?

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