Blondish Blogger awards

Alright, so check it out. I’ve come up with this rad idea for an awards gig, but it ain’t all about who’s the most popular kid on the block. Nah, I’ve got a specific checklist in mind, and the winners gotta be those who really rock the socks off their websites. This yearly shindig is gonna be called the Website Rockstar Awards.

Been in the blogging game for over a decade, helping folks with their online digs. Sure, I’ve had my fair share of shout-outs, but I’ve never really shouted out myself. It’s about time, ain’t it? But don’t get it twisted, making my shortlist ain’t a walk in the park. I’m looking for peeps who are always pushing the envelope.

The idea behind this annual bash is to give a nod to 5 bloggers who’ve really stepped up their game, connecting with their readers in a way that’s off the chain. They don’t have to be household names, and they don’t necessarily have to be my BFFs.

My checklist was:

The site had to be as neat as a pin. There had to be a blog in the mix somewhere. The blog needed to spark some real chit-chat on site. The blog had to be looking to spread its wings to social network and bookmark sites. The site’s boss had to be chumming up with their readers, fans, and followers on more than one social network. Website owner had to be repping outside their website, doing good for the blogging fam. Here’s the squad that made the cut. Apart from the virtual high-five, I’ll be shooting each of them a plaque to commemorate their achievements as total blog rockstars.

2012 Blog Rockstar Awards go to:

Syed Balkhi of WPBeginner

Syed’s always on the move, hitting up WordCamps, chatting up WordPress users. When he ain’t giving a spiel about WordPress, he’s dropping knowledge bombs on WPBeginner. Dude’s not just another face in the crowd, he’s a linchpin in the WordPress community.

Kimberly Castleberry of Just Ask Kim

Kim’s the go-to gal for all things website and business tools. She’s also the brain behind a syndication squad that lets bloggers hobnob in circles they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

Danyelle Smith Little of The Cubicle Chick

Danyelle’s all about sharing her know-how and experiences in different areas. Her annual conference, Show Me The Blog St. Louis, is a perfect example of how she loves to connect and help others.

Fausto Fernos and Marc Felion of Feast of Fun

These guys have got a wicked podcast for the LGBT community with a lineup full of A-listers. They’re always ready to chat and encourage readers to pitch in with ideas or questions. Their site’s as fun as a barrel of monkeys!

Ileane Smith of Basic Blog Tips

Ileane’s blog community is buzzing with activity, and she’s always sharing tips to help other bloggers. She’s always keeping her ear to the ground and chatting up readers and fellow bloggers.

Do yourself a favor and check out each of these bloggers. They’ve more than earned their stripes. Keep grinding, and who knows, you might find yourself on my winners’ list next year!