7 Reasons a Site Owner Will Not Approve Your Guest Post

I love to receive guest posts. However receiving and publishing them are two different things. While I am pretty welcoming about allowing people to register in order to submit a guest post for review, nearly half of the articles submitted have been rejected. So, I decided to put together a small list on reasons a site owner will not approve your guest post.

  • You spammed. Simple as that. You decided to advertise your business or the one you are getting paid to blog for. In the end you just embarrassed your company. Might be harsh, but bloggers want transparency, not something fake. If you want to advertise a company, perhaps inquiring if the site owner allows sponsored posts and how much might be a more respectful thing to do before submitting.
  • Your topic has nothing to do with the site. Kind of embarrassing, huh? Well, before even considering to submit, make sure to research the site. It will make things far more efficient and your post’s chance of being approved a lot higher.
  • You failed to follow the site owner’s directions when signing up and submitting an article. If they have an author box and do not want you to put a byline, or if you should have a gravatar or enter your social network handles – these are important to take notice of.
  • Your article does not coincide with the opinions of the website or the information is wrong. If the article is suppose to have good information, it needs to at least coincide with the views of the website or it will not be welcomed.
    If the site owner believes in one method, it is important to bring your side to the table before submitting and perhaps the blog owner may approve your article if it sounds logical to them. Some blog administrators are fairly lenient in articles written with opinion, but if it is pretty far fetched, it might not be posted. As for false information – pretty understandable that you will not be approved as it will reflect negatively on the site.
  • Your article was not understandable. Language barriers sometimes get in the way, and some grammar issues are easy to fix, but if your article is not in the least understandable, forget about being published.
  • Your article seems to be a duplicate copy. Big no no!!! Do not copy your post from another website. Always create a fresh and unique article!
  • You plagiarized. Simple as that. No one wants a content theft’s work. It is not hard to search and find if article has been stolen. If you are a person who paid another for a guest post, make sure to check the article before submitting or you will look as bad as the person who copied.

If you are a site owner who accepts guest posts, what other methods would qualify for the guest’s article to not be approved? Any guest post stories? Have you ever had anyone submit plagiarized material to your site?

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