PHPurl is a chill script that lets you whip up a bite-sized URL, dope for those situations when you’re dealing with a mega long URL (like and you’re lookin’ to trim it down for texting or any other stuff that caps your character count (Twitter’s a classic example). There’s a handful of joints on the net that can do this, tinyURL bein’ one of ’em, but I figured I’d drop this so anyone with a teeny-tiny domain can grab it for their own use, or even kickstart their own site.

What you need: PHP4 and up MySQL

How to set up: Peep the Read Me file tucked into the zip file.

License: GPL

Backup: At the mo, I can’t do backup because of the heads up below-

FYI: I got tipped off that there might be a security hitch with this script, but the tipster didn’t clue me in on where the glitch is. Right now, I’m swamped with work and dealing with a sick fam member, so I can’t make time to tweak the script. If you’re hip to the issue and wanna join forces to patch up this security leak, hit me up.

Download (zip file): [download#85]

Feeling my script? Heads up, I ain’t offering backup for it.