PHPads is a no-frills php script that sorts out your banner ad rotation hustle. There’s an admin console that lets the big cheese toss in banners, and lay down the law for the length of ad blitzes. PHPads cooks up ad rotation scripts for the admin to plaster on their website. The script is a cinch to install and doesn’t need MySQL. In its past life, PHPads was called PixelledADS back in ’05.

Necessities: At least PHP4, bro.

Story so far: 2005 – PixelledADS (went belly-up when users couldn’t break into their accounts) 2008 – Rebirth of PixelledADS as PHPads (log in hassle ironed out) 2008 – December 29: Bug spotted and squashed. Bonus note added to Read Me file. Grab the new version for the bug fix. 2015 – Tacked on a note, and slapped the GPL license onto the Read me file.

Setup guide: Read me file is bundled in the download.

Peek at these (right-click to open ’em in a new window): Login | Main Admin Panel | Add Banner | Banner List | Glimpse of a Live banner | Configuration

Backup: Hit up the contact form. Most queries are about setup.

—>>>>If you stick to the guide and didn’t mess with any files apart from the path, you shouldn’t hit any bumps. Most peeps have either tampered with the ads.dat file or didn’t double-check their path.

Heads up: Don’t install this script on your root. Park it in a separate folder and lock down access to that folder with htaccess. This will fend off any nasty file tampering. For security’s sake, make sure your .htaccess file isn’t letting any snoopers peek into the directory where you’ll install PHPads.

License: GPL

You can peep the PHPads project on GitHub – if you wanna fork it or send in updates.

Download: [download#84]