The Following Required Properties Are Missing Fb App_id – Fixed!

Facebook App ID is an application programming interface (API) that supports Facebook to connect with your site. At times, you encounter an error ‘the following properties are missing’. In this article, you will know the reasons for the error and ways to solve them

Why Does “The Following Properties Are Missing: Fb:App_id” Error Appear?

Facebook is a social media platform where we share pictures, news, articles, etc. Here you have a tool, namely, the ‘Facebook Debugger’ tool,  that lets you preview how your content appears when you share them on your Facebook page.

Sometimes, when you attempt to preview the content through this tool, you get the following message:


It is an error message warning you of any issues in your code. The tool looks for the fb:app_id, which is a meta tag. When the tag is missing, you get an error message. 

The error message will not impact the performance of your page content. Also, the fb:app_id is not automatically installed and should be inserted manually. If not done, the error appears.

This meta tag is only essential to obtain sharing insights, for example, to know the number of likes for your post. 

This, however, is no longer valid as Facebook is not supporting ‘Domain Insights’ now.

How To Fix “The Following Properties Are Missing:Fb:App_id” Error?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to fix the app id error.

Step 1: Make A Facebook App

To create a Facebook app, you should first register as a Facebook developer. Upon registration, you will gain access to the App Dashboard, APIs, SDKs, and development tools. You will also get a unique app id.

Step 2: Copy The Facebook App Id

From your App Dashboard, you can copy your Facebook ID. It is a unique integer that is used for identification. 

Step 3: Open Social Meta Settings In Rankmath

In this step, you should install an SEO plugin like RankMath, and open the social meta settings. This is available under the Titles and Meta section. RankMath has a field where you can add the fb:app_id.

Step 4: Enter The Facebook App Id

In the social meta settings, you can enter the app id in the field marked for the same. This step is crucial as it helps in eliminating the error. The featured image below shows where to input your ID. 


Step 5: Save The Changes

Once you have added the App ID in the space allotted, you should click on ‘Save’ to see the changes come into effect. From now on, your Facebook app ID will be included in the wp_head of your website. 

Step 6: Validate The Facebook App Id Using The Facebook Debugger Tool

Visit the debugger tool on Facebook after clearing your cache. Here, you should click on ‘Scrape Again’ so that the debugger tool tracks the latest version where you do not have any errors.


What Is App_id?

App_id is a parameter represented by an integer. It relates to a particular application, like Facebook.

Fb app_id represents a number that identifies your app. The app_id is an API that helps Facebook to connect with your website. This provides in-depth data about the shares and reactions to specific content.

How Do I Find My Fb App_id?

Facebook app id helps you identify your app on Facebook. This is a unique ID with a combination of numbers and letters. This app ID can be found on the developer console on the Settings page. 

Click on the ‘My Applications’ section on the developer app to find information about the fb:app_id. 

How Do I Add Fb:App_id?

You can add fb:app_id in more than one ways. Two of the easiest ways are:

i. Adding fb:app_id meta tag in <head> section. (suitable for all websites)

  • First login to the dashboard as admin.
  • Go to html <head> section.
  • Input the meta tag in the Facebook App ID column.

ii. Set up meta property of fb:app_id in Yoast plugin (especially for WordPress users)

  • Visit the Yoast plugin.
  • Click on ‘SEO-Social-Facebook’.
  • Input your Facebook App ID.
  • Save the changes.

How Do I Create A Facebook App ID On Android?

You can create a Facebook App ID from the Developer App page. 

  • Sign in with your Facebook username and password.
  • Click on ‘Create New app’ or ‘Register as Developer’, whichever option is available.
  • Input the name of the app in the ‘App Name’ field.
  • Click on ‘Continue’ after reading the terms.
  • Verify your account through your mobile number.
  • Enter the domain name in the ‘App Domains’ field.
  • Select how your app integrates with Facebook.
  • Input your URL in the ‘Site URL’ field.
  • Click on ‘Save Changes’.

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