How Much Does Your Snap Score Go Up Per Snap In 2024? [EXPLAINED]

Wondering how much your Snap Score can climb with each snap you send? You’ve landed in the perfect spot. Having used Snapchat extensively, I can confidently guide you through the ins and outs of Snap Scores. Rest assured, this article will give you a clear, detailed understanding of Snap Score dynamics, making it the ultimate resource on the topic.

How Much Does Your Snap Score Go Up Per Snap?

Every snap you send or receive nudges your Snap Score up by a single point. I’ve noticed this pattern consistently during my time on the platform. If you decide to take a break and don’t use Snapchat for a few days, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. 

Your first snap after this hiatus can boost your score by 6 points. But there’s more. When you send a snap to multiple friends, you earn a point for each friend the snap is sent to. Plus, you often get an extra point for the snap itself. 

So, if you send a snap to 10 friends, expect your score to increase by about 10 to 11 points. This is a neat little bonus that adds up over time, especially if you’re an active user connecting with a wide circle of friends.

What Does Snapchat Score Mean?

Snapchat Score, or Snap Score, is essentially a reflection of your activity and engagement on Snapchat. Having spent considerable time on the platform, I’ve observed that this number isn’t just random; it’s calculated based on how much you interact with the app. 

Your actions, whether it’s sending and receiving snaps, posting stories, or engaging in other activities (some of which remain a mystery), all contribute to your Snap Score. This feature adds a playful, competitive twist to the app, motivating users like myself to stay active and connected. It’s not just a score; it’s a measure of your journey and interactions on Snapchat.

How Is Snapchat Score Calculated?

Snapchat keeps its cards close to its chest when it comes to how the Snap Score is calculated, but from my extensive use and observation, I’ve pieced together a part of the puzzle. It’s clear that your score isn’t just about the snaps you send and receive. Posting stories, engaging with Discover videos, and a host of other actions also play a significant role. 

Daily Streaks

Snap Streaks, or Daily Streaks, have become a central part of my Snapchat experience. It’s a straightforward concept: when you and a friend send snaps to each other within a 24-hour window for consecutive days, you start a Snapstreak. I’ve found maintaining these streaks not only fun but also rewarding as they boost your Snap Score. The longer the streak, the higher the flame emoji burns next to your friend’s name, indicating the number of consecutive days you’ve kept the streak alive.


Shifting focus to Stories, I’ve noticed they’re more than just a way to share moments. Posting Stories is another effective method to increase your Snap Score. 

Whether your stories are visible to all friends or a selected audience, each post contributes to your score. This feature not only enhances your Snapchat presence but also plays a part in pushing your Snap Score higher with each story you share.

Discover Videos

The Discover section on Snapchat is not just a hub for intriguing content; it’s also a fertile ground for boosting your Snap Score. I’ve spent countless hours diving into the diverse range of videos from media partners, creators, and public figures. 

It’s clear that engaging with this content does more than entertain. Watching Discover videos subtly adds to your Snap Score, making each viewing session not just informative or amusing, but also rewarding in terms of boosting your presence on the platform. It’s a seamless blend of staying informed or entertained while also enhancing your Snapchat engagement metrics.

Start Sending Multiple Snaps

Improving your Snapchat Score can be quite straightforward, especially when you start sending multiple snaps. I’ve made it a habit to share snaps with my friends regularly, and I’ve seen my score steadily climb. Each snap sent adds a point to your Snap Score, reflecting your active engagement on the platform. 

But here’s a tip I’ve found particularly effective: sending snaps to multiple friends at once. This approach doesn’t just spread the fun around; it also has the potential to boost your score by a few extra points. It’s a simple yet efficient way to see those numbers rise, keeping your Snapchat game strong and your presence prominent.

Open All Your Unread Snaps

Opening snaps from friends is more than just staying connected; it’s a strategic move to bump up your Snap Score. I always ensure not to leave any snaps unread. Every snap you open adds a little spark to your Snap Score, making it an effortless yet effective way to keep that score ticking upwards. It’s one of the simplest actions you can take, and over time, it adds a significant boost to your engagement metrics on the platform.

Be More Regular On Snapchat

Being regular on Snapchat is equally important. I’ve noticed a consistent pattern in my score as I use the app daily. Regular usage ensures a steady increase in your Snap Score, showcasing your active engagement with the app. Moreover, if you happen to take a break and then return, Snapchat often greets you with a bonus score increase. This little perk is a nice touch, encouraging you to dive back into the vibrant world of snapping and sharing.

Post More Stories

Regularly posting Stories on Snapchat is like adding fuel to your Snap Score’s fire. I make it a habit to share bits and pieces of my day through Stories. Each story posted is a step toward a higher Snap Score, reflecting your active participation and visibility on the platform. It’s a simple yet effective way to keep your score on an upward trajectory.

Find & Add More Friends On Snapchat

Expanding your Snapchat circle plays a crucial role too. Adding new friends and engaging with them isn’t just about growing your network; it’s a strategic move to elevate your Snap Score. I’ve noticed a tangible boost in my score when I connect with more friends and keep the snap exchange going.

 It’s not just about quantity; the consistent interaction with a broader network enriches your Snapchat experience and, in turn, contributes to an ever-growing Snap Score. It’s about building connections and ensuring those connections are lively and interactive.


What makes your Snap score go up by 2?

Your Snap Score typically climbs by a single point for every snap you send or receive. However, I’ve noticed instances where it can jump by two points. One such scenario is when you send a snap to multiple users.

In this case, you earn a point for each recipient and an additional point for the snap itself. For instance, sending a snap to ten friends could increase your score by eleven points – ten for the friends and one more for sending the snap.

Another interesting aspect I’ve observed is the mysterious bump in score after a period of inactivity. If you haven’t been on Snapchat for a while and then open the app, you might see a more significant increase in your score. 

This suggests that the app rewards re-engagement, though the exact mechanics behind this are part of Snapchat’s closely guarded secret formula, which factors in your snaps sent and received, story posts, and other undisclosed activities.

Do Snap streaks count with chat?

Snap Streaks are a bit selective in how they count towards your streak numbers. In my experience, maintaining Snap Streaks requires you and your friend to send snaps to each other, not just any interaction will do. 

Specifically, chats or sending snaps to a group don’t count towards maintaining a Snap Streak. It’s all about that one-on-one snap exchange that needs to happen at least once every day.

How do I hide my Snap score?

When it comes to hiding your Snap Score, the options are somewhat limited. Your friends on Snapchat can see your score, and there’s no direct way to hide it from them. However, if privacy is a concern, you can ensure strangers don’t see your score by adjusting your Story and location settings to be visible to friends only. 

If there are certain friends you prefer not to share your score with, removing them from your friend list is an option. Additionally, Ghost Mode provides a broader privacy net, keeping your stories and Snap Score hidden from everyone, including friends, which is a drastic but effective measure for those seeking maximum privacy.

Is a high Snap score a red flag?

A high Snap Score is essentially a badge of activity on Snapchat. From my extensive use, I can tell you that a high score generally signifies that a user is highly engaged, frequently sending and receiving snaps.

This doesn’t automatically raise a red flag. In many cases, it simply means the user enjoys the app’s features or has a broad network of friends they regularly interact with.

However, perceptions vary, and for some, a high Snap Score might be seen differently. It could suggest that the user is a Snapchat power user, dedicating a significant portion of their time to the app.

Whether this is a matter of concern depends on individual perspectives and the context of the user’s activity on the platform.

It’s important to remember that a high Snap Score, in itself, is just a number reflecting user engagement, and interpretations of it can be as diverse as the users themselves.

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