#MondayMotivation – 2022 Week 3: Success usually comes to those…

This week’s motivational quote is about how success happens.

#MondayMotivation – 2022 Week 3: Success usually comes to those…

“Success usually comes to those who are to busy to be looking for it.” – Henry David Thoreau

Now this quote doesn’t literally mean that anyone who may be busy will be successful, but busy working toward your end goals. For example, that side business you work, while working a full time job you hate. That side business is something you are trying to build up enough so the full time job you don’t enjoy working, can be something you can let go of later on.

Success is something that isn’t going to happen when you’re sitting on the couch watching a movie or playing some game on your PS5. It’s always going to happen when you’re busy. It could be during a time you’re busy on a different venture, and had already set up a good foundation with another business beforehand.

Honestly, if you’re idle, you’re not even trying. Sure, it’s okay to have some self-care and downtime, but when it matters, and you want something, you need to be working towards what you want. Your success could happen any time.

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