WordPress Plugin Review: Revive Old Posts

So, you have all of this content on your website, and you publish new post regularly. What do you do with posts that have content that is still fresh today (also known as evergreen content)? Do you leave it collecting dust in your article archives? If you aren’t doing anything with your older articles, you’re missing out on a lot of traffic. This is where the WordPress plugin, Revive Old Post can help.

I’m going to explain what the plugin is, why you should use it, and also why I recommend it.

WordPress Plugin Review: Revive Old Posts

What is Revive Old Posts?

The Revive Old Posts plugin is designed to allow you to schedule out older posts to your favorite social media platforms, from your WordPress site. You can use this on small blogs, large blogs… well practically any type of WordPress powered website. It’s a pretty powerful plugin.

You can schedule brand new articles, or really old-written articles, that still have information that is true today. So, if you write a lot of How-To articles, and the information is true, even 3 or even 8 years later, this plugin can keep your content seen over and over, other than remaining stagnant on your site.

Fun fact: The Revive Old Posts plugin was formerly known at Retweet Old Posts, as it was originally designed to only tweet out old posts to Twitter. After a while, the plugin was re-coded to include pushing out content to other social media platforms.

Revive Old Posts Features

  • Schedule old posts to social networks like Twitter and Facebook page, in the free version. If you want to automatically post to Facebook groups, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more, you’ll have to pay to upgrade.
  • Publish new posts as you publish them.
  • Exclude what categories, or posts to not schedule posts from.
  • Add a custom message for newly posted tweets.
  • Add hashtags to what will be scheduled out.
  • Sync with a URL shortener.

There are a lot more features, but the rest are only available if you pay for the premium version.

Why you should use a plugin like Revive Old Posts?

The first reason for using a plugin like Revive Old Post, is that it has a necessary feature that most bloggers should be tapping into. Literally if you are only publishing your posts one time to social networks, you’re losing out on how this plugin can really “revive” content that still has fairly fresh information.

There are other plugins that do similar actions, like Revive Old Post, and may offer more social network connections, however, the free version of ROP is pretty decent. I’ve been using this plugin since it’s very early days and haven’t recalled one problem with it. That’s kind of amazing in my book, because a lot of older plugins have run into occasional hiccups either during use or during an update. So, in a way, my other reason using Revive Old Post, is that it’s a pretty solid and consistent plugin.

Why I recommend the Revive Old Posts plugin

As, I’ve mentioned, I recommend the Revive Old Posts plugin because it’s been so useful for a site like mine. I have thousands of posts that have been written in about 2 decades, and quite a bit has either been updated or most of the posts have content that is still true to today. I don’t have a lot of time digging into my large pile of blog posts, and manually scheduling my content out to social networks. This plugin is a time-saver.

How old is your blog? Do you write evergreen content? If so, do you use a plugin like Revive Old Posts to help keep the dust from accumulating on top of your articles?

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