Podcast Presentation: WordPress Custom Post Types

At WordCamp St. Louis 2012, I presented WordPress Custom Post Types. I was honored to present this and frankly, it was a great challenge to undertake as I had to use my own experience as even consult some of the previous presentations on the same subject in order to produce a presentation I could be proud of.

Custom post types are great for users wanting to add more functionality to their websites beyond what the default out of the box install of WordPress offers.

I hope my presentation is helpful. I have included the Microsoft PowerPoint slides and the podcast so you can follow the slides as the podcast progresses. Please feel free to ask questions.

WordPress Custom Post Types: The PowerPoint Presentation

WordPress Custom Post Types: The Podcast Presentation



  1. says

    Hi i am new blogger.after visiting your site i got clear idea about the podcast.i hope your presentation will helpful for me.sure i suggest this site with my friends

  2. says

    As a web designer I found this post very useful. I have made several sites in wordpress and I never heard about this concept. I will download it and bookmark it.

  3. says

    Nile I have noticed that your presenting a lot these days, that’s awesome.

    Not being a coder (or very smart) I had to listen to your presentation a couple times to be able to vision how you actually implement the code on your installation. Maybe as a future video or post you can walk through a couple examples.

  4. Melly Schug says

    Nice presentation. I will take time to download this
    I could use this for some of my projects too, as a reference!

  5. says

    Thank you for sharing your presentation with us, Nile. I had not understood before what the custom post types meant or what I could do with them.

    Not being a coder, I could tell sort of what the steps were, but not figure it our 100 percent because I did not have that background. But adding in that plugin resource, now that really helped a lot, and put creating custom post types within the realm of possibility for me.

  6. says

    You’re building a powerful resource for WordPress users like me, Nile. It’s amazing the tweaks one can apply to WP if one only knows how!

    I need to spend some time to see all the good stuff you’ve posted – congratulations, and keep up the good work.


  7. says


    I have listened to the podcast yet, but I did read the sliders and I love how you included all the detail on the “WordPress PHP” that needs to be added and tweaked!

    Very impressive! Holy Moses!!!! Can’t wait to listen to the podcast to have you walk me through it.

    I bet everyone loved your presentation!


    ~ Jupiter Jim

  8. says

    First of all thanks for this great share. Blogging is really important thing for me. It should be in simple way which helps to users who really need. These all tips really help me make an improvement in my writing.

  9. says

    Nile, Thank you so much for sharing your presentation and I am glad I come to watch it… took lots of notes, because as you may be aware, tech stuff is not my thing ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks to you, now I finally understood what custom post meant and knowing what to do with them is priceless ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am still not certain how or where to get the plugin you are talking about and perhaps need to get back here again to watch your presentation later on, after trying a couple of resources… this will do a lot of good to my blog if I can implement.
    Thanks again

  10. says

    Hi Nile
    Excellent Post. There are many plugins out there now that can get you 90% of the way there with custom post types, but it’s definitely worth understanding the underlying code. Usually, there’s always something missing you need to code manually. Thanks for share it.

  11. says

    Dear Nile Flores

    Thanks for providing an effective Blog that offers complete synchronization between creativity and information.Your Blogs meets all the requirements of the readers and is user friendly and provide the best and best information to the reader.

    Thanks for share the great information

  12. says

    Just a note, there’s an error in the code from slide 9 on. You have the line: ‘label’ => $labels but that should read: ‘labels’ => $labels.

    I really struggled with the code until I found another example elsewhere and fixed my code based upon what I saw in the other example.

    • says

      I’ve got to revamp the presentation and that was one of the slides I was aware of… thank you. I really recommend the Custom Post Types UI plugin… you don’t have to put the code in your functions file… the plugin will maintain it and you can switch or modify your theme anytime. I ended up turning to it as it just made things easier as I use custom post types for more than one section of my site.

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